love undercover

9 thoughts on “love undercover

    • you also like Debussy…interesting…! what about Berlioz??? The name of my blog itself comes from there…Benvenuto Cellini..i was listening the second act while this blog was getting born…

      • I thought to reciprocate the compliment and blitz through some of you earlier pages!!
        Love Berlioz, so many layers of complexity if you think about it, but mostly I let the music just fill the space and time. Interesting that you found your inspiration there?!

      • i’m probably a quite intricate person…same process here regarding the music…it fills spaces and time…it helps emotions to come and go…right now i’m listening James Blake for example…as i can find inspiration in different places….and thank you for the “blitz”:)

    • I also loved this “piece”: Joe Hisaishi – Summer …..To me it feels like Hope, not like Summer….I will write more about.
      Can I kindly ask you about your pictures of Green tea? I am working on a project and I need to “illustrate” it…but I need a “poetical” macro picture of these leaves…Did you take any while being there? In case you did, can I please see them?

      • I will have to check out Joe Hisaishi a bit more, look forward to reading more about him.

        As for my tea photos, I disappointedly do not have any macro-shots while up there…although you give me reason to head back there and shoot some 🙂 I am heading back to Hangzhou in about 10 days, so I may do that. Wish you a good weekend.

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