7 thoughts on “sunday

  1. Gorgeous pictures as always!! I don’t think I’ve asked you: what camera and lens do you use? You have so much talent and such a discerning eye!!!

    • Good evening…for playing at home, my old reflex Nikon, oftenly with the VR Nikkor 70-200 lens, for working Canon Marklll…thanks for the considerations, but i would like to do so much more in this “field”…

      • The Mark III is my dream camera! I’m having so much fun these days with my new 50mm lens… What I love most about your shots is that they are super professional looking while keeping the soul of non professional photography… I don’t know if you see what I mean. I think you are mostly an great master of proper lighting…:)

      • well, i’ve started with an old Pentax, medium format…them Mamiya RZ67…medium format…that was my school…then, i discovered the Nikon fx90…must tell you that i killed that camera for how much i used it…! from that moment on, i felt in love with the reflex world…But i always saw photography like my personal luna park…with my own rules and beliefs…you’ve had an accurate observation regarding what you saw on this blog: the fact i’m interested mostly about leaving drops of emotions and feelings trough everything i do – no matter what, no matter the result might be unperfect…

      • Well the result looks damn near perfect to me! I can’t wait (as always) to see your next shots:)

      • they have a lot to do with how I FEEL…with what inspires me in certain moments….have some “raw” ideas for the next week…( not sure i use the proper terms…and the italian syntax can create some problem too…::)

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