9 thoughts on “YES, WE TAN!

      • What can I say? Italy looks like paradise from way over in Boston, especially with you taking the pictures!

      • Sometimes, I get really angry thinkink about our general situation…thinking we work for paying taxes and nearly nothing else…thinking our political figures are only clowns (and NOTHING else!)…but i really LOVE my places, this country and its natural beauty….I would protect my country as well i’m protecting my son…but things need to change!:)! so, Italy can turn back being the REAL paradise….

      • We all feel frustrated with our governments, I guess. The trouble with focusing on beauty and poetry is that we have to leave the running of things to others who don’t have our goals. At least we can appreciate the beauty around us as consolation. 🙂

    • the funny thing is that seeing my son pics there was a song coming to my mind…::))

      Hello Mr. Zebra
      Can I have you sweater
      Cause it’s cold cold cold
      In my hole hole hole
      Ratatouille Strychnine
      Sometimes she’s a friend of mine
      With a gigantic whirlpool
      That will blow your mind

      …..the wind was blowing…..and my little Zebra was there with me….
      PURE FUN::))))…
      the only difference: wasn’t cold at all 🙂

      enjoy the rest of the day!!!::)))
      kiss, Luana

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