Being sentimental about many things….


13 thoughts on “Being sentimental about many things….

    • After publishing this post, it happened that i saw you have used the same quote….what a disaster, I thought::))…But I have this quote around my head since months…::) Already used it in some previous post…))
      I’m happy to see you and Dina are having fun THERE & thank you for visiting. Cheers! from the sunny coast of Sabaudia:)

      • what Google offers are not really the most amazing views of this place…))..but you need to go somewhere like 70km south Rome…Tyrrhenian Coast…I’ll post more about it this summer…
        Have a nice evening!!

      • I know it from my Latin lessons at school the mare Thyrennum 😉
        I am looking forward to your posts.
        Love from up north from the coast of the Vikings

      • hey Viking, Good morning!..:) Latium was the core of the Roman Empire…Myth and legend surround this land…mild climate, sandy beaches and impressive cliffs…so here’s a lot to talk about!!
        Have (another) great sunny day! Warmly, Luana.

      • Dear Luana,
        I suppose one day I have to go down south and visit your county.
        A good morning and a good day for you too.
        With a big hug

      • I was asking Dina already if you both would come to Italy this summer…:)) ..but she said it will be probably programmed for the next year…:)
        I’m having very messy days this period…not on holiday yet…but I’m waiting for the weekend…:) Sabaudia is there, waiting for me…!
        Enjoy the rest of the day! Warmly, Luana.

  1. This is a wonderful presentation of glorious golden summer days, it goes very nicely with happy quote! 🙂
    And do you know what; it works, the weather is getting better… finally! 🙂
    Big hug to you

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