Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul…

Periods of recovery are likewise intrinsic to creativity and to intimate connection. Sounds become music in the spaces between notes, just as words are created by the spaces between letters. It is in the spaces between that love, friendship, depth and dimension are nurtured….




9 thoughts on “Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul…

  1. I was a fan of your images from the first second. Now I also started discovering ‘your’ music. I am going thru your music posts and writing notes for my upcoming road trip soundtrack 🙂
    Any special suggestions for the road?

    • Good evening…thank you for listening..:) well, i would start asking: how old are you…and what about your tastes?? I usually listen pieces that have a SOUL…or…(this is really a long story…) I listen various genres, but i don’t publish everything…so, please give me some other “detail” in order to let me properly answer you…

      • Hi there 🙂
        I am 32 years young, and don’t have defined taste in music. How is this called? Eclectic? I think thats it.
        Now, I am just downloading Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, The XX and Vanessa De Mata that I found on your blog. 2-3 other album suggestions would be peeerfect 🙂

      • well, Parov Stelar for example…I’ll tell you more, just let me clear up my mind….actually I’m intoxicated with Asaf…can’t wait to see him in concert…Tuesday they will be in Rome, but I preffer waiting Florence concert…:!)

    • Loud is the wind
      In your ears as you spin
      As you look for the sun

      maybe I look for the sun too, listening this song…..:)

      Thank you so much for the visit and have a great week ahead!

      • Loud is my children’s voices in my ears,
        as my dryer fails to spin
        and I look for a repairman tomorrow.

        🙂 The sun is not hiding today, but melting us. You have a great week, too. Heat wave here.

      • …less or more, same situation here..:) no kids, but my only kid, the blonde creature you know already….messing everything around once that he gets up early in the morning…I was away the whole day, so he missed me…this evening he was just “bubbling” continuously around my ears…See you tomorrow, my dear Brenda:) Good night to you & your family….

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