The rainbow fish…

The rainbow fishes...

Just because I see food as a transversal element affecting all aspects of life…and I’m intimately linked to this territory…and this country…a country in love with beauty, either art or good food…


9 thoughts on “The rainbow fish…

  1. That’s the definition of the quality of life… Robert Mondavi succinctly summarized it as:
    ‘Even more importantly, it’s wine, food and the arts. Incorporating those three enhances the quality of life…’

    • MORNING!! How are you dear Becky?? any holiday planning??
      the colorful post was inspired by the fish itself…Orata di Orbetello..:) I’ve prepared it with pachino tomatoes, some garlic and a glass of wine…:)

      • Oh gosh no, I haven’t started planning for the holidays yet — thank you for the reminder that I really need to get on it! Even though it’s still the heat of summer, holiday season is fast approaching!
        Your photographs are so well-done and beautiful, and always make a person wish they were in that place, sensing the environment, smelling the smells, tasting the food and drink — you are very skilled at bringing your photographs to life!

      • Thank you my dear Becky…Believe me: these pics are only a bit how I am…once that you “feel” things in a certain way, it’s quite easy express them…and hey…I have Rome! and all these culinary traditions….
        However…I’m getting ready now…wanna come with us to San Felice?? just for a drink on the sea shore….:))

      • Would love to — only ever been to the seashore once, and loved it! Please be sure to take pictures and post them so we can see it — I loved your last seashore post!

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