Just hold onto this,
cling to how it feels right now,
wrap tight around it…

6 thoughts on “LOVE POTION

    • thank you, my dear Klausbernd…the collage was a sort of reportage of my saturday evening..The drink was perfect, the bartender “invented” it for me…blueberries, lime and some vodka I guess::) that is the place I also go for a coffee after leaving the beach….
      Wish you a wonderful evening…and a shinny summer week too:)

      ps I could talk about Love FOR A LONG, LONG TIME, so better not start here….

      • It`s funny I had vodka at the weekend too – with lime and tonic water. But my Saturdays are much quiter, well, I live in a small village. The thrill is the nature at North Norfolk coast far away from city life.
        Have happy week

      • I understand you so well…I live 40 minutes far from the city life, too…and all in all, Sabaudia is a quiet place (nothing too messy or loud)…I move there only during the weekends…as I deeply need the sea breeze…
        the bar is an open air space, right in the central plaza of the small city…in my case, it was the perfect afterdinner place..nothing more:)
        thank you again for the wishes (actually I’m buiding the design for some new medicines boxes:)
        Cheers/ Lu

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