Though leaves are many, the root is one…

Though leaves are many, the root is one...

16 thoughts on “Though leaves are many, the root is one…

      • I’m doing well. I’m working on a story set in Japan today. I have one set in Romania percolating, too. Must write more and blog less. 🙂

      • really curious now…!! The lost in Translation tale for Tokyo and hmmm..don’t remember nothing about vampires…wish I could know more about! however, if you would ever need help for illustrating your stories, maybe I can help somehow (I’m a designer in the real life)::)

      • My Japanese tale involves a young boy who prays to his Marathon Monk ancestor near an ancient temple, and he awakes a Fire-flower dragon. I’m not surprised you are a designer — your posts are lovely and artistic.

      • I am just playing here…at the same time sharing emotions, feelings…or who knows…:) My little Luna Park…:)
        Fire-flower dragon is already inspiring me..:)

      • I would love for you to illustrate a story of mine. I have a contents page now with reviews (you might recognize one or two comments…) 🙂 Any of the stories could be reposted by me with illustrations by you. Also, if you want I could use art of yours and write a story as I did with Alf Sukatmo in The Birthday and the Troll. 🙂 The inspirations keep me going.

    • Morning Bridget,thank you!…yesterday I was out the whole day…very busy working day..but now I can start the weekend…and think about some super nice recipe….:) any suggestion?? 🙂

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