Beauty is truth…Truth is beauty.

Beauty is truth...Truth is beauty.

21 thoughts on “Beauty is truth…Truth is beauty.

  1. We never have summer here ;-( miss the sun so much, but I can borrow yours when I look at the photos – and I am happy! Have a fabulous Sunday my dear!!!!!

    • hey!!!!! Just got back! my son was riding his bicycle the whole afternoon….And the summer is ending even here…:(, don’t worry….MISS YOU TOO!!! Have a great evening and….a good glass of wine…KISS!

  2. Aaaah, this is beyond lovely. Keep the summer in your ♥ for a looong time, my dear. What is that white, creamy awfully delicious looking thing in the figs?

    • Sigh…awfully delicious…??..::))) simply Blue-cheese cream…( just mixed Gorgonzola, Blue cheese and a super Ricotta di Bufala…which have a soft body…the final result was very creamy indeed…::) Oh…and very tasty! Want some…?? ::))

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