Just an ordinary day…

Just an ordinary day...

23 thoughts on “Just an ordinary day…

  1. ♥♥♥!
    I just l♥♥♥ve the way you make the daily everything look so dear and special. You’re a great artist, Luana. What a gorgeous little boy! The first photo gives me a BIG appetite, I’ll have to find something nice to eat now.
    Hugs to beautiful Italy

    • Thank you Dina!!!!!! Hope one day I’ll organise a good dinner for my WordPress “virtual” but so nice and special friends!!!!! Thank you so much for the attention..My gorgeous little boy is my soul…Always around with me as long as school doesn’t start yet…:)
      Have a great afternoon…& see you soon!

  2. My dear Luana, thank you for these beautiful pictures! The sky is cloudy and the temperature low here in Zurich but with your gorgeous post came the sun back again… Have a great day, Bridget

    • my dear Bridget…From Zürich I remember the art galleries and the graceful architecture of the airport, but never thought there could be someone like you…such a warm and inspiring person…preparing all that super desserts:)! Have a nice evening! Warmly, Luana.

    • …You think so???::))) You should see my messed kitchen right now…it looks soooooo ordinary:::))..My dear Brenda…just thought I could go take some pics of the Sermoneta castle (hopefully this weekend if the weather helps) for some of your fairy tales…it was belonging to Lucrezia Borgia….::)) What do you think??..:))

      • Oh, you are a princess — that would be fabulous!!! I hope you have a great time and come back with wonderful shots!!

    • ::) Good evening my dear::) tell the world we grew up together…and that you think of me as well as I think of you….even when tasting a good glass of wine..:)) as two “old” friends::))
      London is so far away from Rome…:(
      Cin Cin!

  3. Ha! I’m back…you give me strength my dear and your photos are addictive. You also give me ideas and as it’s my turn to cook a nice dinner for our lovely new neigbours Alistair & Anthony, will serve figs with blue cheese as an appetiser!!!! What do you recommend as a main course 😉

    You got pictures from Alan as the bloody tablet’s account is in his name…but I’ve sent you the photos as I’ve learned something wonderful recently: that I can take pictures with it and send them instantly by the “email machine”! isn’t technology wonderful?! Of course I’m probably the last person who didn’t know this but I’m learning…slowly slowly…

    • Welcome back::))
      You know what…?? I was preparing blue fish with fresh tomatoes… and the Greek salad…but I only want some Moscato grapes, some good piece of cheese and a good glass of (white) wine…
      PS I’ve picked the grapes from the garden this afternoon..::)
      wanna taste??


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