Don’t think junk thoughts….

Don't think junk thoughts....

20 thoughts on “Don’t think junk thoughts….

  1. Well you are so lucky to find fresh anchovies my dear…I can only find the canned variety here! I suppose they will be ok?! Happy cooking indeed!!!!!

    • No, my dear::( they are not the same….! they are far from being the same thing…:)) You can try finding some Mackerel (Sgombro) or Herrings…(quite nutritious:)…I love Pickled Mackerel, too (All’aceto)..all you need for preparing that recipe is: 2 mackerels-sclaed and cleaned, 1 lt of white vinegar, minced garlic, fresh mint, super olive oil, salt, peperoncino, oreganon…)) Want some other detail…::??::)

  2. Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon, or not at all…My question is: am I brave / committed enough to undertake a pickled mackerel recipe?!

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