I like you; your eyes are full of language…

Gaeta, in Latium, central Italy, a seaport on a high promontory in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was a favorite resort of the ancient Romans and was a prosperous duchy from the 9th to the 12th cent. Gaeta lost its independence to the Normans (mid-12th cent.) and thereafter shared the fortunes of the kingdom of Naples. The citadel (8th cent.) and the port were strongly fortified (15th–16th cent.). Pope Pius IX took refuge in Gaeta in 1848–49. The fall of the town to Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia after a siege (1860–61) marked the end of the rule of Francis II of the kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Gaeta has a cathedral (12th cent.) with a fine campanile (13th cent.)..

AND GAETA HAS THIS SUPER TIELLA!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! AND I’m gonna have a taste of this TOMORROW:)
La Tiella is the most distinctive dish in the city of Gaeta – kind of a double crusted deep pizza or pie. Traditionally is made with seafood (squid, anchovies or catch of the day) or vegetable. Any seasonal vegetable is suitable for la tiella: zucchini, escarole and spinach are popular favorites…

Its name comes from the pan in which it is baked. In Gaeta, the local dialect uses the word “tiella” to refer to a pan with low sides which flare out….




2 thoughts on “I like you; your eyes are full of language…

    • Good evening my dear Bridget…! Thank you for the wishes…it was a wonderful sunday indeed…The Roman emperors are quite inspiring…)))
      Have a nice evening…and thank you for the visit!
      Warmly, Luana

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