The wide natural cavern in the mount is showing prehistory mankind traces and allows even now the vision of a restructure dating to the first imperial age. A large circular basin was built inside the cavern on the centre of which there was a supporting part for the purpose of receiving the Scylla group. On the cavern back-ground the Polyphemus group was supposed to take place. The circular basin was joined with another of rectangular shape…

The Tiberius cavern…where the fishes are bred in a semi salted habitat since the basins were filled with sweet water from the springs situated above the cavern and salted water penetrating through underground holes from the sea..

Tiberius was very well known as a collector of artistic objects with particular predilection to sculptures representing heroic myths and of Homeric cycles…

A magic place…we loved walking around there…! and after that…a good Caprese was everything we need! 🙂



25 thoughts on “AMORES & HEROIDES

    • Such a beautiful Sunday! have also pics of Circe (the one who offered Ulysse her magic potion…yes! but he had the herbal antidote given by Hermes…and so, he did not become a beast::)
      if you have a story..or wish to write one, I would be verrrrryyy happy to illustrate it…What do you think??

      have a beautiful day!

      • 🙂
        My dear Brenda…I’m gonna post some others soon…the mediterranean atmosphere we have around here is quite inspiring (for me)…
        PS I love explaining my son who was Tiberius…Circe, Ulysse…he was quite surprised…! and he seemed to understand the huge quantity of time passed over that place…

      • Luana, How wonderful. My son loves stories of the Greek heros. Should I write a story for these pictures and give you credit?

        Oh, and I have a story that I’ve submitted to the Paperbook Collection. They have an issue coming out in October. It’s an older one, not set in a garden and has no illustrations. After it’s published there (assuming it is) I will probably put it up on my website. Are you interested in looking at it and maybe illustrating it? If so, email me, and I will email it back to you. My email in on my about page.

        Hugs, Brenda

      • oh my dear Brenda…the credit is yours, I have a credit only for my pictures…if they inspire you, I’m glad and happy to be…the inspirational element…As I said, I have more pics..I’ll show you…

        of course I’m interested seeing your older story..can’t wait to read it…and see what can I do…::))

        Have a nice afternoon!

  1. Dear Luana,
    what a pity that you didn`t show the picture of Circe because Circe is the name of my boat.
    These are great pictures of a magic place. I can very well imagine that you spent the whole day there.
    Thanks for sharing and have a happy day
    Klausbernd and his chirpy Bookfayries Siri and Selma

    • …THANK YOU…I really appreciate your comment. And I thank Dina for bringing me interesting persons as you…My photos are fragments of my memory, the day by day adventures…the surroundings. As Dina was saying time ago: I’m lucky to live near the coast..and near Rome. I might not aproove the italian government sometimes…but I love Italy…its beauty and history….My magic place to be. I don’t think I could ever live somewhere else…

      Have a nice afternoon and hope to know more about you!

      • I love photos of Italy also. I lived in and around Rome as a dispatch of the US gov for 3 years back in the late 70s. I never tired of exploring the city and the surrounding countryside. Every weekend was spent on one new adventure after another. I was also able to visit many other parts of Italy and surrounding countries. It was a great position for me to have and I wasn’t ready to come back to the US.

      • Good morning, Sheri…yes, we have several US (Nato?) offices around here…(noticed some near Latina Scalo)…and you are right about these places…Central Italy offers a lot! we’re living 30 minutes south Rome, in a beautiful property cultivated with olive trees…but my favourite places are near the sea coast (and I can see it from where I live…even if it seems far away…!
        Hope to know more from you! Have a wonderful day, Luana.

  2. Your son’s eyes are alive with excitement… in fact they are the most alive part of this ‘story’. he is obviously as impressed with the mythical stories his ‘tour guide’ has told. well done 😉

    • In fact, he’s not made up of stones:) More than that, he had pleasure joking with me…the explanations were told as a “joke”, and so he assimilated the mythical concept of the statues…Thank you for the visit and have a nice day!

  3. Thank you for these wonderful pictures. I have to visit Sperlonga one day. I looked up the sculptures and they are thought to have been made by the same three sculptors who made the Laocoon Group, perhaps the most famous sculpture in the world. I am very familiar with it because there is a full size replica ( hidden away by the side of the Legion of Honor, here in San Francisco. You, of course, are fortunate to have the original in the Vatican. Note that the right arm of Laocoon in the San Francisco replica is extended. The original statue was missing Laocoon’s right arm so a competition was held to decide how the right arm looked and it was finally decided to restore the original with an extended arm. However, in 1906 the original arm was accidentally discovered in a builder’s yard in Rome, so in 1957 the straight arm was removed and the original bent arm restored to its rightful place. Obviously the news never reached San Francisco.

  4. I thank you for being here…as always…You are right, the Scylla group was signed by the same Trio…The scene of Odysseus is very similar style to the Laocoön, even if with many significant differences…You will see. I have touched the name of the authors engraved on the stone…and wish I could find the other pictures I have taken there in September last year to show you…
    The fight with the python…the fight with this life…oh, Malcolm…there is so much to say about it…

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