For those determined to fly…

For those determined to fly...

and YES, she did!



sharp fiery points of the Barbary figs and smooth cool marble sculptures
soft and hard, the brevity of a flower and the eternity of stone
run your hand along the surface and feel, one at your pleasure, the other at your peril


26 thoughts on “For those determined to fly…

  1. Thank you very, very much for the Circe-pictures πŸ™‚
    I like your combination of the photographs!
    Greetings from the Norfolk coast

    • Thank you again for the compliments….There’s also Ulysse (underneath) πŸ™‚ The combianation of photos shows what happened during the day…and it is mixing places..(home, garden, and the Tiberius Villa..)..history and present life…what we are made off.
      Thank you again

  2. Wooooonderful, with with great shots of my darling Circe! I’d love to have a piece of cake like that waking up to the sound of booooongiorno and the smell of coffee…

    • My dear Dina…I just know we’ll meet one day…and so I’ll be able to bring you in the morning some maritozzo (with or without whipped cream – the classic recipe says maritozzo with whipped cream…something tipical of this region…)..and yes, also the coffee…a walk trough the olive trees in the garden will be also fine after that…
      Happy making jam (?)…Can’t wait to see some more new pics!

    • oh My…::) !!!! blogging is bring very near certain persons, you see….sometimes I dream about a weekend with all my dear friends I found thanks to WordPress..You, Dina, Mariet, Brenda….and so on!! we could all talk, enjoy some good food and take a walk under the olive trees…Hmmm…what do you think?? I would LOVE to see you baking one of your super cakes!…(in reality I’m licking my fingers already!::)
      I’ll bring the wines (that’s for sure:)..Promisse!
      Have a wonderful evening!, LU

      PS Can’t wait to show you how we extract the olive oil from that olives::)

  3. pura magia!
    fai degli accostamenti incredibili
    grazie anche per quanto rendi di giusto alla nostra bella e sempre al top nella moda Italia
    un plauso anche per la scelta di Elisa
    abbi una buona giornata

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