Style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it…

 Style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it...

From Proust’s famous madeleine and Süskind’s murderous Perfume tale to Sigourney Weaver remembering the smell of her captor in Polanski’s movie Death and the Maiden, fragrances have always rampantly toyed with our imagination. Neurologist Oliver Sacks observed people who have lost their olfactory sense bring back fragrances through images and colors. Do colors smell? I believe they do. They bring scents of our feelings, fears, longing, love, fun, night and day, rain and sun, moisture and dryness. Each feeling is a fragrance a color a memory, to keep or let go.
A new to start smelling the world a fresh all over again, a color chart to change our memories into a pattern a painting a fragrance, with the power of a symbol an icon, with the smell of a new revolution around our senses.

Well, here I post some “notes” of my weekend adventure in Florence…There’s a lot to say, so I preffer doing it in more than one post…as I was so lucky to know incredible people! …I was having a little talk☺ with James Heeley! Yes, HIM! And I was having lunch with the most glamorous tuscan girl, Claudia…and I could notice the light into the eyes of Mrs. Sonia Acampora while she was talking about her fragrances…and…and….!!!
Beautiful world, the Fragrances world…! Someone (James Heeley, ndr!) oftenly compares cooking and creating perfumes! Was thinking about today while I was preparing the lunch…exactly like he does…with the best seasonal ingredients, in my simple, usual way…obtaining a tasty plate of pasta…and a super pumpkin “zuppa”…:)

My son was simply surprised by this world…Oh yes, you can notice it…


14 thoughts on “Style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it…

    • It was all about STYLE…need to download and process more pics…Pitti was a very interesting experience indeed. Who creates perfumes are subjects with a very interesting personality…and it is reflected in what they do! it was a real pleasure talking with some of them…

      thank you for the visit….and…
      send me some cakes. (please:)


  1. What a day any trip to Florence is. My husband is a glass blower and normally makes the large meuseum size pieces. However, I fell in love with many of the tiny perfume bottles on display in Florence along with the small hinged boxes and well – of course I had to have my own supply. Once we returned to the states, he already had his work cut out for him. The tiny perfume bottles with the French lips were a great seller for many years and have made a come-back this year.

    • A glass blower?? interesting!!! tell me more about it if you wish…There’s a brand: BOIS (purely Tuscan but distributed worldwide)…they have special edition pefumes and the bottles are pure art…should post some pic and show you….
      Meanwhile I thank you very much for the visit,

      • Luana – I’m not sure why I thought your name was Ken but I’ve corrected my records. I apologize. My husband, Tom, blew museum quality pieces, large pieces for hotels and businesses that wanted focal points, etc. When we were dating, we were walking around Carmel, CA one evening and I was commenting on how much I loved the tiny perfume bottles from Dale Chihuly’s early work and some of Walter White’s collection. Three days later I had an equally impressive collection of my own that Tom had made. A major earthquake hit CA in 1989 and it took out the gas glory hole and the studio extension where Tom worked. He was beginning to have a lot of lung problems so he turned his focus to desiging one of a kind jewelry in precious gems and gold. He hasn’t been able to work this past year due to his illness.

      • AMAZING!!!!! I’m fascinated by certain design pieces…do you have pics of what your husband created??? (now I’m really really curious about, forgive me!)I have a few french vintage pieces I love and oftenly wear…and I consider the american high level jewelry an unique category! (very rare to find on the italian market)

        Creating for you the series of perfume bottles you loved was really romantic….!

        Wish you both all the best,

      • I’ll get some pictures up for you just as soon as my scanner is fixed. A piece of jewelry he did for me is at the top of my blog in the far right hand corner. Tom’s closed his shop at the present time. Hopefully, he’ll recover and be able to do the work he loves once again. In the particular pice in the photo in the right hand corner, he cut and polished the crystal himself. Each element is hand-made by Tom. He does nothing that’s prefabricated. Have a terrific weekend. The picture of the bridge at the top of my blog is one of his photos. It ties into a family mystery on my mother’s side of the family and was built in the mid 1800s of Kansas limestone cut out of the hills.

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