Scent is all about the ephemeral world and associations….James said…

Scent is all about the ephemeral world and associations….James said…

Your most vivid memories include SCENTS…Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve started talking about your love for cooking…about the outdoors markets in France (where you live), and where you can find the best, seasonal ingredients (that lobster pop up from your phone..:)…
Your complexity is incredible, Mr. Heeley…Did I say “complexity”?? For you, someone invented the term “simplexity”:), the simultanous perfection of simplicity and complexity…

This post is about HOW I see your “Cuir Plein fleur”…Somehow, I connect it to Florence…(wonder if you thought about Florence when you created it…)

Cuir plein fleur Heeley_Tuscany

14 thoughts on “Scent is all about the ephemeral world and associations….James said…

  1. Your post is multi-image and so intricate and complex that I miss much of what you have convey unless I look beyond the proximate image. What do I ‘see’ in the entirety of your post is the thematic feminine (flowers and air, light) and masculine (leather and earth,dark), so precisely ‘cuir pleine fleur’ in images, but in other words, scent that transcends gender, or renders sexual difference immaterial, androgynous, and the whole body and mind experience. For me, scent has always been synonymous not only with memory but also with emotion, so without the benefit of a sniff, but having your words and images, I have quite a vivid perception of what the fragrance is on an emotional level! Mr Heeley knows nose.

    • Hardness and delicacy..Leather (I might say luxurious velvety suede..)) and flowers…Modern and clean but with some retro notes….Never syrupy! Yes, you understood my short “story”, my dear – as always, besides…:)! And yes, this fragrance can be associated with purely sensory pleasure removed from gender and its attendant psychology…

      For not saying that Mr Heeley is absolutely disarming…convincing and exquisite…

      Have a nice day!

  2. Exquisite, I totally agree my dear…he’s Mr Wonderful in my opinion and it looks like it’s true that “James conjugue le flegme britannique avec l’élégance à la française”…I think I’ll just ask him to marry me 😉 … Oh and just as his passion for scent was inspired by him meeting the iconic Annick Goutal all those years ago, he could be the inspiration for the little cheeky angel who is your son…now wouldn’t that be fabulous?

    • …The little cheeky angel was impressed by this olfactory universe, by the way::)) I also explained him WHO is James (not sure he understood YET…)::)…Daring, Irrestible, Sweet…Petite Cherie, the name of my favourite Annick Goutal scent…! Or should I say the voluptuous Grand Amour??…Cuir Plein Fleur or Hippie Rose?? Oh yes, the Summer of Love ! (but I guess he can’t marry you::(():::))))
      kiss and have a nice evening (tell Tyson I miss him)..:.))

  3. Well it is HIS loss if he doesn’t marry me… Today I am wearing Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade (got a sample) but I am dying to get my mitts on HIS samples – will order a set today! Then I will be able to answer your question (“Cuir Plein Fleur or Hippie Rose” mind you, I don’t like roses in perfums so …) P.S. told Tyson you miss him and he wagged his tail wildly!

  4. wow I like a challenge!!! well, it depends, knowing you – you like orientals don’t you? and you are misterious and incandescent so you are wearing “Oriental Lounge” but maybe if you feel pure, luminous and bewitching then it’s “Ailleurs & Fleurs”?!!! But I guess it’s still warm in Italy so you are probably wearing Charmes & Feuilles as it’s quite fresh 😉

  5. Oh noooo! I lost the challenge 😦 well done Queen of Sheba! Unusually we got some sun today but anyway we are going away to Crete again for a week next week so I will bask in the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun and gray rain will be a distant memory (for a week) Yay!!!

    • you like Mr James Heeley?? ::)
      very nice person inded…also very shy….but we talked a lot about food!! and about sailing under the coast….)

      mmmm…what a day today! It has just started!
      wish you a very, very nice Tuesday!

      warmly, Luana

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