Just a few pics from The fascinating journey into the perfumes world, created with passion and originality – mostly a result of Art rather than Science…perfumes with specific characteristics…not LUXURY scents (it might sound a bit empty)…but EXCELLENT scents…


PS That girl…(the nice hostess of the brand “Beautannia”) was following my son…he was saying….Mom, helllpp…she wants to kiss me…:))

15 thoughts on “SCENT BOUND

  1. Which one is Mrs Acampora?! do you know my dear I still have the little metal container you sent me years ago with Musk by Bruno Acampora – there is sill a bit of juice left and I wear it on special occasions… Thank you for sharing these, can’t have enough of this world…

    • hey..::) Just got back from my lunch pause…What about your lunch??
      Sonia Acampora is the one portrayed in the bw picture…you can recognise her husband profile on her back….::) Their Musk is the best Musk in the world…::)
      But please don’t be sad..this is the last post about Pitti Fragranze…..:((

    • Good afternoon,Klausbernd…to me the “scent” is quite important…it says a story, guides the memories…it has nothing to do with the appearances…but with the substance we are made of. I appreciate the natural smell of the skin…but a perfume, mixed to that and to what we are it’s a whole different story….Certain perfumes are history… (more than only perfumes…).
      The manifastation was very interesting indeed…makes part from PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO…and takes place in Florence, every year….So, maybe next year we’ll meet there:) Dina told me she was having some intentions to come and visit Tuscany even this year (correct??)…
      You, that understand so much about colors, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand even the fragrances world….Do colors smell? I believe they do. They bring scents of our feelings, fears, longing, love, fun, night and day, rain and sun, moisture and dryness. Each feeling is a fragrance a color a memory, to keep or let go….That’s what I already said…..

      • Dear Luana,

        yes, smell and colour are closly connected. It called synaethetics, that means to switch from sense to the other. There are people who see a colour immediately when they smell a certain scent. I do combine a smell with colour quite often. Of course, it works the other way round as well – but that`s more rare. I find it fascinatiing that the smell of another person tells us if it is ideal to breed and produce healthy children. And therefore smell is very important for attracting. Smell is processed in the oldest part of our brain and was much important in the ancient time. Now there is the tendency that we move more and more to an overdetermination of seeing.
        Feelings radiate smells, as you write, and this is an important information that`s radiated immediatly to people and animals.

        We thought of visiting the Tuscany but then we decided in the end to go up north to Lake District next week for a fortnight. But that doesn`t mean that we will not come to the Tuscany may be next year. This year we have now to try to get Dina`s money back otherwise we cannot travel next year.

        We wish you a great evening, too
        Dina, Siri and Selma

      • Even the smell of the food is very important for me ( I’m despreately seeking for the best ingredients all the time)…Should I say I’m primitive…????::)))…at the same time I love SEEING beauty everywhere..I search for it, like a hunting dog…
        I am very sad for the bad adventures of the credit card….I am really sorry! Hope everything will be solved in the best way soon!…and that there will be nothing against your plans for the next year Holiday…!!!

        Dinner time::)
        wish I could enjoy it with you all!


      • Dear Luana,
        Siri`s comment: “Being primitive can be quite sophicated”. Well, she is so bright …
        I love parfimes, I have to admid πŸ™‚ nice smells are great!
        Have a tasty dinner, enjoy your meal. Yes, it would be great having dinner together πŸ™‚ but one time in the future it will happen and I am looking very much foreward to it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Love and a big HUG

      • Good morning!! The primitive said::)!!!! Laughing again…Siri’s sense of humour is incredible….!
        Every year, in October I buy a new fragrance….It must be a special fragrance…and it is more relevant than those I use during the year….It became a habit, a ritual…The one I have choosed already this year was described like this:
        There are moments when it grows too cloying and threatens to lose balance, but its smoky apple accord also provides one of the happiest representations I’ve ever smelt of an evening spent sharing a sheesha with friends. More importantly, it dares to prove that the sorts of perfumes we like to call ‘Arabic’ need not always be heavy and heady. Essentially fresh, easy-going and open-eyed, Hajj Nektar is perhaps the fragrance which most vibrantly conjures a tableau in which a lethally beautiful Victorian gent settles down to hear a tale from the most alluring storyteller the world has ever known.

        I felt it on my skin…and felt in love with…
        Now…let’s turn back human…with the feets on the ground…Need to go buy fresh vegs from the farmer and take a long walk.

      • Dear Luana,
        wow, that sounds great – your new fragrance. What a pity I can`t smell it πŸ˜‰
        I like fresh scents like bitter orange and frangrances with a tint of lemon. I have got a Finnish sauna in my garden and there I love to play around with sauna-essences. I will have a sauna with friends tonight, we need it desperately because Dina, Siri, Selma and me were cutting my hedges, quite hard work especially on such a warm summer`s day.
        Have a GREAT weekend, enjoy life πŸ™‚
        Love and a big HUG

    • Good morning, my dear Becky!!! My son is always so….shy…..Whenever a girl follows him he’s always asking me “Mom….wonder why these “females”:) insist…I don’t want to kiss them! neither to be kissed by them!”…Sometimes even girls of his age are …following him…Once, a little nice girl gave him a big kiss right on his mouth…I was laughing loud…and he was simply shocked!::)) Guess he will never get used with this…:)
      Wish you a wonderful sunday!

    • ::)…no, is not me…I wrote underneath: the lady is the hostess of the brand Beautannia….I’m taller with looong dark hairs (yes, not blonde as my son::)..
      My son has a little problem…a lot of ladies want to kiss him….:)). Guess he will never get accustomed with that…

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