The Little Red Riding Hood Sunday story….

The Little Red Riding Hood Sunday story....


26 thoughts on “The Little Red Riding Hood Sunday story….

      • Senz’altro::)
        No doubt about it::), thank you!!!!! Need to improove the circus skills in order to satisfy my little wild animals around here..::((!
        Lunch pause now..:) I’ll go pick my hero from school::) Oh yes, I should breathe meanwhile….))

        have a nice day, my dear Brenda…

    • Good afternoon my dear…I told you I would have liked to take a long walk…as the matter of fact, I did…:)
      The olive trees are making part from the property…the “under the hills” area…old cultivation. The walls made of stones you can see in the pictures were build manualy by the grandfather of my son…Yes, so many years ago…But I was stealing:) the Defender and went a bit further..underneath the Norma rocks…where people use to fly like birds::)) and the atmosphere is really magic…There’s also an abbandoned old roman villa…In theory, nobody could enter…but I did, time ago…(told you I’m like a hunting dog, seeking for beauty.:))…:)

      warmth, Luana

      • My dear Luana,
        that looks and sounds sooo romantic, really great. I can imagine that you feel at home at such a lovely place and it seems to be in the hand of your family for ages, what brings a good grounding.
        I wish you a very happy evening too. We are deep into planning our holiday up North in two days – exciting!
        With lots of love and a big hug

      • It is even more romantic when I see my little man picking some olive and observing it, to see if there’s no trace of parasits…he’s “learnig” it little by little….and he cares a lot about his olive trees::)
        But planning holidays is THE MOST romantic thing actually!:::)) I envy you all! I’m here, sticked at my desk with absolutely NO possibility to make any step! except (maybe) some weekend…Amazing prospective, the Big North….never been there. I’m very attracted by high temperatures and warm waters, like the Med…but I would never go to the Seychelles for example…I would feel like dead in places with no history…

        PS I’m sure someone will document this holiday to North very well…Isn’t it??

      • My dear friend Luana,

        what I like of the northern oceans are the high waves, this powerful waters, and the big tides. Well, I am enchanted by the North, I need rain and grim weather sometimes and I love this clearness when it is really cold. Always sunshine is not to my taste, I have Viking blood.
        But how you live is very idyllic.

        I hope that your work will soon give you some more time, I keep my fingers crossed.

        That your little man learns everything about Olives is great, I admire this. I love Olives and eat Olives nearly every day.

        Dina will surely document our holiday with pictures with the help of Selma and I might write something with Siri`s help. Although it will be a real holiday for me without any electronic gadgets – real freedom! πŸ™‚

        Lots of love and hugs to you and your little man from
        Klausbernd and his happy Bookfayries Siri and Selma

      • Simple things like smelling the Earth and the Grass are also helping a lot. Cooking, too. For me, is a sort of prayer.
        Then I can be more complex…searching myself in different things…and then make all this stay “in balance”…Quite difficult, but I love complexity…given by the simple things. Contradictions?? Not for me….


        I’ll be waiting for the Northern reportage! A big hug for DINA.

      • Dear Luana,
        complexitity and contradictions is the way of life, isn`t it. I need the simple things of life as well. For me it`s gardening and keeping my house, grounds, and my boat in perfect nick. But cooking, oh dear, I am quite helpless there …
        I always have to watch that my intellectual ambitions and my grounding keeps ballanced. But living in the nature helps and, of course, the sea.
        Actually it`s a shame how much I am “mother`s son” still, because my mother was a sharp intellectual. She wasn`t interested in household and cooking etc. but in her life as a scientist (physicist and mathematician).
        Anyway if I would have children (it`s a pity that I don`t) besides my beloved Bookfayries I suppose I would try to form them in my way as well.
        I am sending you and your son lots of love.
        All the best

      • …is like hearing you talking. Honored by getting to know all this about you…I am like you regarding so many things and I’m not the perfect person if you talk about the perfect household….but cooking is a whole different story…it’s a pleasure rather than something I feel obliged to’s like giving and enjoying life at the same time…
        My “routine” says I’m a designer…not a scientist…Today I’m designing the new identity of an important product based on the DNA study….It sounds quite scientific, but in reality is very creative….
        But no matter what, stay sure that tonight I’ll prepare a good dinner (and it will not take long)….


      • Morning my dear!!! yes, I love exploring these places….as I said, I discovered even interesting things…In the past this territorry was property of Conte Caetani…The big castle in Sermoneta, up on the hills is still reminding us certain things…:)
        Have a nice day & a big hug,

  1. Kalimera! You cooked the porcini?! πŸ˜‰ and you never told me you live in such amazing place…thought I was you friend (tears) Thinking of you as always my dear! We’re having beautiful sunshine and lovely fresh food here in the south of Crete, you would love it…. Hugs and kisses as always always always!

    • MY JOY! helllooooo::) send me some peace please…such a messy day! I’ll show you some 3D later, once I’m done with it….Cooking porcini very oftenly…::)

      Wnen you’ll come I’ll bring you even there, if you want…)) The dog will follow us..(my nasty Leone)…so, we’ll stay safe πŸ™‚
      These places are not so civilised as the nice english country place you’re living…:(..we could not go in that nice place (you have there) for drinking a cup of tea…we could only ride the Defender or walk trough the olive trees…Do you still think it is an amazing place??::)

      take pics!!!! want to see them::)
      and want to see you wearing one of those striped Paul Smith shirt…:)

      • Yes I still think it’s an amazing place because YOU live there! We have a word for it “shabby chic” – some people in England pay good money to achieve this look πŸ˜‰ I am sending you some peace – did you get my hibiscus flower especially pour toi? Didn’t bring my Paul Smith…this is “back to nature” so I’m refining my “posh peasant” look πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Come let’s have a G&T on the balcony…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  2. le tue foto danno il piacere del viaggio, sia per la chiara impostazione, sia per il divagare come se, appunto nel viaggiare fossi attratta da qualche piccolo particolare che tu ami mettere in risalto…proprio forse quello che sceglierei per me stessa

    • Buongiorno!!! Tu hai perfettamente ragione, mia cara….io sono SEMPRE attrata dai dettagli e la loro meravigliosa espressivitΓ …I dettagli sono suggestivi…concentrano la storia dei luoghi e la loro bellezza…sono la Formula aurea di qualsiasi cosa….

    • Sensuous….?? A definition that really make me think about a lot of things…Thank you! The photographs describe my everyday adventures…and the “sensuous” parts you are able to notice are probably fragments of what I am…Must admit: you’re one of the rare persons who “saw” it…

      Have a nice evening,

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