WHY we should never forget about…pumpkins!

 WHT we should never forget about...pumkins!

Here’s a delicious alternative to traditional pumpkin pie….a bit more..creative and tasty::) It showcases all the flavors of pumpkin…and it’s actually a snap to prepare it 🙂

Creamed pumpkin with porcini salad

Serves 4 people
20 g butter
600 g pumpkin
2 – 3 mushrooms (fresh porcini is best)
1 red onion
30 g freshly grated parmesan cheese
20 g shelled walnuts
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Melt the butter. Peel the pumpkin and cut it into pieces then steam it and blend it with the butter, salt, pepper and walnuts and cook further on medium heat with the sliced red onion, stirring gently until becomes a smooth thick cream.

Clean the mushrooms and rub the soil off with a damp cloth. Slice them thinly, mix carefully with parmesan cheese, marjoram, salt and drizzle with a little olive oil. Pour the creamed pumpkin in bowls and top with the mushroom salad…
I just love this!


5 thoughts on “WHY we should never forget about…pumpkins!

  1. That looks delicious and I know I should be furiously writing down the recipe, but the beautiful green door peeping through the vines is just too distracting…is that a cellar, place to store the pumpkins or a friendly dragon’s dungeon?…

    • Hello and welcome back:)
      Your question makes me smile, you know?..I’ll try to give you a concrete answer: That door belongs to a building situated on a remote part of the property…love that place, consider it magic. The house was built for the person who used to manage the horses…and the cows (lost habits nowdays…). We still keep it clean..and on its feets…but I rarely go there….if you enter that doors you might find some old chair..the forgotten fireplace…walls made of stones and the smell of the dacaying vegetation surrounding it…
      I don’t want to see it as the dragon’s dungeon…But just as my quiet place….

      PS Don’t worry about the recipe…it will always stay here….:)

      • It sounds as enchanting as it appears! I find myself imagining dragon’s and fairies the way my 6-year old may sometimes..so forgive my curiosity 😉 As a grown up, I have always had an intrigue (or fascination) with doors that are left slightly ajar. The magic in your kitchen is as tasty as ever and stories as lovely as always… thank you.

    • Good morning….Bonjour,…Buongiorno!

      Thank you very much for appreciating..noticed you are very creative , too…
      Love “cepes”…:) Especially when I find them so fresh and inviting….

      Have a very nice day,

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