Who would ever choose a daisy in a field of roses….?


12 thoughts on “Who would ever choose a daisy in a field of roses….?

    • Good morning my dear…thank you very much for the compliments…( sometimes things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Even the ordinary can be beautiful….)

      Wish you a wonderful day, too!

    • πŸ™‚
      Tuna and cappers…quick…and delicious:) if you arrive in the kitchen at 20.30, fifteen minutes later dinner will be ready…Not bad….!

      Have a nice day and thank you for the visit….

  1. You have to cook me your tuna one day my dear…I’m not a fan of fresh tuna but yours looks wonderful. Does your little angel like this? you wouldn’t see many British kids choosing to eat fresh fish…without being covered in batter and deep fried first…

    Many greetings from Crete where of course we indulged in fresh fish and shellfish every day (plus the odd mousaka of course), all fuelled with plenty of raki…oh the good life!

    And yes I would definitely choose the daisy in a field of roses! πŸ˜‰ ….

    • Lulu Monulu::) WELCOME BACK::)!
      I would surely prepare for you (and Alan) my best recipes….ok, only in case I get the nulla osta from you::) Have no idea about the british tratidions….but hopefully I’ll be able to find a good compromise…::)

      The fried fish is not all that bad (in my opinion), IF you use a good extra virgin olive oil for preparing it and you do not prepare it oftenly….
      Love moussaka…have a friend here, Cristina (my super hero in the kitchen) who prepares a very nice version of it (she spends every summer in Greece….:=)

      the daisy in a field of roses was quite a metaphoric title…I will explain you later…

      Dinner time?? I can nearly hear Tyson calling you….Mom::) I want to go out…..::))

  2. You know me soooo well! I also sent you an email πŸ˜‰ indeed it’s time the boys get their evening walk, they start to get twitchy and are looking me in the eyes “c’mon Mummy, what are you waiting for?” well, it’s raining and it’s getting dark and it’s cold but never mind I will be a good Mummy and will go out for walkie… It’s these autumn moments when I just want to curl up wrapped in a blanket with a bowl of pumpkin soup and just watch some sopy cookery program on the TV…bliss!

    ref the daisy, your first blogger was right, β€˜It’s what you do that makes your soul,’ and what you do, is what you choose…I like that…

    and right now I chose to take Tyson and Boris out in the cold….

    have a wonderful evening my dear (from your Lulu Monulu) speak soon!

    • …and I’m going to choose something for (another) quick dinner…mmm….?? have some doubt. It will vanish once that I will open the fridge….:)
      It’s gonna rain even here tonight…feel it in the air…but it’s not yet cold….

      Cheers..:) & Kiss

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