One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day…

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day...


15 thoughts on “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day…

  1. one of your more ‘complex’ stories

    SOMEONE(!!!!!!!!) KNOWS WHY

    I like, I really do 🙂 🙂 the plate, the grapes, the knife, the light…and the hypnotic song, mmmm… really makes the mind turn 🙂

    Glad to hear this..
    The knife…did you ever read “BE MY KNIFE”..?.. David Grossman, (he explores the perennial dilemma of unrequited love….)

    • Hello Brenda….I’m smiling, you know….Wonder WHY you think I’m posting private messages….:) I might post about my “mood”, that’s true!…and yes, this is a special fragment of life..a very difficult one. It has to do with a lot of aspects, (but not love)…believe me….

  2. I like that song very much 🙂 Is that your new tweed jacket?!
    Well, things go wrong almost every morning – wake up: gray and raining…no milk in the fridge…then deal with the bad things: complaints from customers, lazy staff, dog sick in the night, clients not paying bills, conservative party losing the local elections 😉 Horrid. Then I come here and it’s cosy, and warm and there is sunshine and great food and nice people and…YOU!!! Which makes me HAPPY

    • Oh my dear…This is the warmth I always got from you!!!!! It has its own “smell”…I can recognise it!
      I’ll try to help with different recipes for your dinner on the next sunday…..:)…and yes, you’re correct about the little jacket..

      Fighting with the ordinary problems is on the menu nearly every day….so, let’s enjoy some drop of positivity::)


  3. Dear Luana,
    what an enchanting combination of pictures and music – bril! I am impressed 🙂
    Love and a big HUG from the rough North Norfolk coast right now
    Klausbernd 🙂

    • “Lost in my
      not the woods

      Drowning in my
      not the sea.”

      an easy song I was listening Friday…the colours around…and……

      saw your coast around the web these days…inspiring places! I can understand why you have choosen that place…
      have a very nice evening!

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