It feels good to think about you…

It feels good to think about you...


38 thoughts on “It feels good to think about you…

    • Once you found it…you can’t get lost anymore. It has to do with the feelings…with your own heart. We have someone here saying: The heart is stubborn. It holds onto love despite what sense and emotion tells it. And it is often, in the battle of those three, the most brilliant of all….
      Heart, Home…

      Have a nice evening,Brenda…

    • The mountains are the borders of the Abruzzo region with Lazium…(my region)…Beautiful landscapes! and the food was my lunch prepared in 20 min…yesterday!:) I’m very attracted by the nordic recipes, too…(wild salmon…smoked salmon…herrings…cod…..:)

      Have a nice day and thank you for dropping by…)

    • Good morning, StΓ©phane!!!! Nice to have you here! (I’m always flattered and honored!)..Must say that an exquisite,(sometimes) luxurious meal is an ephemeral pleasure – but perhaps that’s the point…stays like a dream you can think about even the day after…Certain tastes create a sense of transcendence, a feeling that you are somehow transported beyond the merely mortal realm to taste something of the divine….(AND YOU KNOW IT SO WELL!)…am I right??

      Have a wonderful day,

      • You are indeed right dear Luana! You need to write a book!! Between your incredible pictures and the way you speak of life and food, it would most certainly be a great read… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day as well dear friend!

      • It was you the one who was on the way to publish a book!…Your sense of beauty and the way you prepare your dishes are the super ingrediends for a succesfull publication (and I really mean it!!! it happened that I turned around the libraries trying to find beautiful recipe books…containing not only beautiful pictures but also some good “substance”: really tasty cooking ideas, not very elaborated….. recipes sounding like real experiences which let you know the potential intensity of being alive, something pushing you to suck out all the marrow of life…
        Couldn’t find that recipes book (yet)….I simply did not find it!

      • Well I guess it’s up to the two of us to write such a book πŸ™‚ We’ll see who has the balls to do it (and finish it) first πŸ˜‰

      • Now YOU make me laugh loud…! People knowing me always say “you’re a woman who has the balls…”…Oops. But entering such a project ALONE is like loosing great part of the fun …a French_Italian mixture would be a bomb I gues…
        Most of the fine cooking books I see around are more fashionable than intelligent…mass market recipes…not fairytastes πŸ™‚ There are myriad forms of human excellence we do enjoy….Food is one of them. Who writes cookbooks forgot this little detail….A perfect meal is like going at the theatre as it is more than what’s on the plate, it’s a lot of other things: ingredients, love, storytelling, where you’re coming from, how you present your dish…

        All things you know so well…
        I personally do not know you…(so I can’t say a word about having or not having the balls…)…:)
        But, I know you can do it!

  1. non so perchΓ© in quella strada dalla pioggia bagnata ho visto il ditino di ET che indicava le stelle—c’Γ¨ sempre una strada fra la casa e il cielo
    buona giornata amica Aliena

  2. Lovely and thought-provoking as usual. The sea and seafood will always stir up my senses and takes me ‘home’…it just happens. As for the notion of ‘Home’…that could take a while… since it takes much wondering (or is it wandering) to know – what I can say is that I personally prefer that it is a feeling rather than a place for now πŸ˜‰

  3. It will always stay as “conceptual feeling”…Home will never be first of all…a specific place. The wild yellow blue distances named mountains make me think about..
    Have a nice afternoon, Luana.

      • It was really a strange day this Thursday…my ordinary life dealing with ordinary problems…now you add this “jokes” as topping…:) This blog is the expansion of my table (and not only that)…sometimes…my common refrain…But I can’t build that project alone, as I said already…
        So, you see….For the signed version you need to wait some more….:(

      • I will be patient. Someone quite important said all good things come to those who wait, not so? πŸ˜‰ For now I am fortunate to enjoy the expansion of your table. Have a lovely evening, Marina

  4. ‘Home’ is a great subject for a post. I suppose the definition of really being lost is not knowing exactly where home is. However, your posts suggest that you are very ‘rooted’.

    Your pictures of food are works of art. What is your greatest passion, cooking or photography? You are clearly so talented in both.

    • Welcome back… lately, the internet is brimming with steak and fried eggs, pasta and rice, desserts and coffee…as food can be a sign of status…The food pictures are documenting our every dinner (or lunch…breakfast) and might be a vehicle for self-expression…That’s my case…
      Rooted you said…? you are right..everybody knows I would never go away from here…(BUT….)::)

      The photograph itself, even a well manipulated one, has become so cheap and common nowdays that it’s no longer of much value…And we can not eat an Instagram photograph…But the experience of sharing our meals is something I really appreciate…! An authentic joy for me…

      I am always rushing…and taking the pics you see here is something I do very quickly…(I’m an ex fashion photographer…and actually a visual designer…Good food lovin’

      What’s your favourite dish? (to eat)….I wonder….

      • With cooking like yours even Americans would want to linger over their meals :-). I’m not religious about it but I’m predominantly vegan and love most Asian cuisines, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese in particular.

      • So you are a lover and arbiter of Voltaire said πŸ™‚
        The most delicious asian cuisine I have ever tried was in Bruxelles…years ago…Must say I like it, too…
        and I oftenly use high quality raw ingredients / (you can see my creamed pumpkin with porcini recipe…)

        Have a very nice evening (h 19:05 here…)

    • Hey! what a beautiful surprise!! my dear Bridget! Thank you for the appreciation! and wish you a wonderful weekend, too!
      Warmly, said Luana, the one shaped like a round ball and tumbling across the face of the Earth at great speed…. (sorry, this is the perception I have about myself today…)

  5. Good Morning!! what a beautiful surprise:) I was missing your presence, dear Hanne!
    Oh well…I am not talking about the neurochemical buzz of proximity with some special “someone” my dear …I can be in love with the life itself and the beautiful things it might offer….Some of my post reflect my own (singular) life history, with its interpersonal triumphs and scars, lessons about intimacy learnt and not yet learnt.
    Left unaddressed, these preconceptions can derail any serious intellectual discussion about LOVE….
    There’s SO MUCH to say about….

    PS Maybe you also know this is a difficult period for me …and that I am always in love with a special person: My son. The only man of my life:)

    Have a sunny Sunday!
    Hugs, Luana

    • Hi my dear,
      I’ve been on the road for more than six weeks and it’s difficult to keep up with the blogging, time is so limited, puuuh. πŸ™‚ Now I’m back in Germany and work more or less nonstop until I travel again.:-)
      Big kiss to you and the Prince. I hope you have a lot of strength to cope with your difficult situation.
      Dina Xx

      • I was just thirsty from more pics you have taken during this long trip…:)
        Know well time is limited…don’t worry…)

        The difficult situation is getting more and more difficult…and sad..But that’s life…
        Thank you for your wishes…

        Love, Luana

  6. Wait a minute… wait a minute…. stop press…did you say “difficult period”?! Do tell me…surely Monulu could help?!

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