All possibilities exist simultaneously…

 All possibilities exist simultaneously...

28 thoughts on “All possibilities exist simultaneously…

      • Evviva::) We’ve been on the coast today…the high temperatures made me think about early September…My son was so happy! a super weekend….needed that! ::) wonder what about you and your kids??::)
        Have a nice evening, my dear…

      • Luane, I was at a writer’s conference all day, and my kids went hiking with hubby. They all had a great time. Now we are going to go to the hotel pool. It’s very beautiful here, with the leaves changing. Have a Super Sunday! Warmly, Brenda

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. The freshness and the sparkle… Looking at these I feel like I have just taken an organic bath near a stream of parallel consciousness… whatever that means (smiling) – but it is a compliment. So thank you.

  2. Just an enormous pleasure observing certain contrasts, my dear…Starting from the colors…and ending with that subtile (maybe snobbish) paradox…Both aspects I do love….Let’s try to make sense of it…

    • Quote? I would say: journalism…opinions…(I’m always reading something…you can find me in the kitchen early in the morning with my coffee and my magazines…(tones of magazines…I’m just curious):::)

  3. non ho ben capito se รจ cavolo nero quello fotografato insieme al sedano…questo mi ricorda le nostre ottime zuppe di pane, di cui ogni provincia ha una sua speciale variante

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