Pumpkin Party (How you eat is how you live)

Pumpkin Party (How you eat is how you live)

…This is more than just a Halloween theme…MORE THAN JUST PUMPKINS…and you see? the cool dude selling them was probably inspiring Jean Paul Gaultier with his striped T Shirt…


31 thoughts on “Pumpkin Party (How you eat is how you live)

  1. Wait! Where’s the recipe??!! You can’t just drop gorgeous photos of food like that into the post and not give us hope of providing a taste! πŸ™‚ I also have a question–is the knobby blue specimen in the photos actually an edible pumpkin or squash? If so, do you know that name? Thanks. Ken

    • Hello my dear Jody and Ken:::)…The knobby blue specimen in the pics is actually the secret of my recipe: that means ZUCCA MANTOVANA—very creamy, extremely tasty….my favourite pumpkin!!! Can’t get enough of it! I combined it with some smoked salmon and local onions…special alchemy (if you wish I can try writing down how I did it…as even here at home it was really appreciated…I believe in alchemy! and between that pumpkin and the smoked salmon it was functioning very well:) even Isaac Newton believed in alchemy, which was pretty woo-woo at the time…::)
      Want me to send you some Zucca Mantovana??

      • Luana, LOL Your farmer is cool, too, but I actually meant your pumpkin, it had such a bumpy skin and such character. No plain orange gourd! I hope all goes well for you this week! Brenda

      • Impressive, isn’t it??:)
        those you find at the supermarket are genetically modified..so they don’t have anymore that skin…That farmer is cultivating old seeds::) YOU should taste the pasta I was preparing with it! everybody was asking for more…and more…::)
        if you google “zucca mantovana” you’ll see…is very difficult to get a genuine one..:)

        have a nice day! (my week looks quite messed::()

      • Wow, I didn’t know any of that. I only remember laughing, which I like to do a lot, not what I was laughing about, and I don’t have time to look back and try to remember. I have to go get my daughter, then get my son, then take my daughter to group violin class, then host a birthday party for my eldest. He’s turning 12. Whew! My back is already aching. I hope your week improves beyond your expectations! πŸ™‚ Brenda

  2. Gosh this is one ugly pumpkin…not even its mother would describe it as a good-looking vegetable but hey, who cares if the bugger is tasty? and surely the bumpy complexion hides a beautiful soul…Unfortunately we are all too sanitised these days and want to see only perfect looking fruit and veg…

    • You got it…I was saying that even previously: they modify the seeds to make them look less bumpy…they do not let the things how they are…
      The inside of this pumpkin can be seen in the pic on the left side, down the page….perfectly orange…BEAUTIFUL! and most of all: not genetically modified!::)…and so very TASTY::)

    • Spettacolose dici::)?? divertente!::) Mio figlio dice “scarponaio” anzichΓ© “calzolaio”…& altri concetti molto…creativi..::) Ci si diverte di piΓΉ parlare in questo modo…:)

      Grazie a te:)

      • la cosa piΓΉ divertente di uno pseudo-Poeta Γ¨ che si puΓ² inventare tutte le parole che vuole usando ( e talvolta abusando, he he) della cosΓ¬ detta -licenza poetica- πŸ™‚

  3. sΓ¬, sΓ¬! l’omino ( o per meglio dire -omone-) del cavolo nero deve essere proprio un gran simpaticone…guarda che caspio di espressione gli hai fermato sul vis-one πŸ™‚

  4. Awww…pumpkin…we have one small green pumpkin lying inside the kitchen for a while and I am wondering what my lovable mom is about to do about it…yum yum…hehhe

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! πŸ˜€

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