Time flows in a strange way on Sundays….

Time flows in a strange way on Sundays....

38 thoughts on “Time flows in a strange way on Sundays….

  1. Most of what I want I already have. The funny thing is that when there is one thing you want that you don’t have, that seems to put a shade on all that you have. That one missing becomes everything.

  2. It doesn’t look like Fall, it looks like Summer still…you are soooo lucky, as I am listening to the sound of buckets and buckets of rain on the roof… I also had pasta last night – penoni! It all looks blissful my dear, as it should be…and no more Jeff Buckley please 😦

    • ok,…I’m listening James Blake…this:

      Does it sound better?? NO?? ::(
      And if you notice, the light is “cold” now…is very different than august…
      Come with me in the kitchen…we can continue talking…

      • I am revisiting this as I am glad to infom you James Blake has just won the Mercury Prize Award for the Best Album of the Year, which means he is critics’ favourite…ahead of David Bowie (!) and Arctic Monkeys and (my personal favourite) Jake Bugg…need to get his album then!

      • See you are introducing not only great food but great music too! Oh and great fashion…perfumes…

  3. What great pictures you gave us. It looks like you enjoyed a wonderful day together. Thanks so much from your friends here in New York 🙂

    • Good morning!:) I can assure you that during the summer, that places have a different light…the blue of the waters are different…and you can rarely find the ducks near the shore….::)
      Wish you a nice day, too!

    • Bridget! such a joy hearing from you:)…I started cooking (seriously) since my son was born…HE loves my pasta!!!! and the one with pink sicilian shrimps and simple tomatoes salsa is his favourite dish actually…:)

      Wish you a wonderful day, too!!!
      Love, Luana

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