I’ve been drinking about you….

I've been drinking about you....


19 thoughts on “I’ve been drinking about you….

    • Roma con la sua atmosfera un pò teatrale….basta qualche dettaglio e nuove storie prendono forma…

      Io vorrei che ritornasse l’estate…Ma va bene così. Paziente rimarrò in atttesa..

      Baci & grazie per la visita…

  1. “Souls love…egos don’t” – you just made me smile again. Imagine a world with less ego and more soul – it would certainly be one to love… probably filled with plenty more music and crazy dancing too. It’s something we know but seeing it in words seems to ‘endorse’ it like a brand 😉 Most inspiring (with edge 😉 as usual, thank you Luana 😉

      • Oh, my yes. And chocolate, too? Wouldn’t it be fun to put the kids to bed, sip wine and watch old movies. Pausing only to dance once in a while. 🙂

      • This is the “after dinner” thought, my dear…can you hear my son calling?? Moooom, I am tired…..:) (he wants me near for falling asleep::)…
        Old movies?? Interesting….tell me more about, please…
        Dance? My favourite “daydreaming” activity!….:)

      • I’m fond of Hitchcock and Audrey Hepburn movies. John Wayne Westerns and Old French movies like Three Men and a Baby. I watched a lovely Italian movie about a woman whose husband leaves her at a rest stop, and she ends up leaving him. I can’t remember the name at the moment. Hope your daydreams are warm and cozy. Brenda

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