Big lightning bolts to the heart…:)

Big lightning bolts to the heart...:)


22 thoughts on “Big lightning bolts to the heart…:)

  1. You’re the winner again tonight, Luana, such a great post! I’ll try your recipe on a special occasion, it’s mouthwatering … Buon appetito!
    Dina xx

  2. Oh dear, dear Luana, I get horribly hungry seeing your post – bril like always.
    Thanks for your recipe – I like Italian food.
    I hope everything is fine again and wish you a happy evening.
    Greetings from the North Norfolk coast
    Klausbernd 🙂

  3. Dear Luana, ddid I told you yet, that I love, love, love your posts??!! So life-giving and beautiful. The recipe sounds really delicious. And your words and photos generates a really magical atmosphere. Happy weekend! 😉

    • Thank you!!!!! I really do, as I “feel” your sincerity…To me, magic means first of all the nearness of my son….mixed with this “ordinary” life…
      Wish you a happy weekend, too….
      (23°C and still smelling like summer around here…)

  4. I’ve got summer envy…23C? Make the most of it my dear and think of us poor souls who are getting our thick coats and gloves and boots out of mothballs…

    Your recipe fits perfectly as Alan cooked Moules mariniere yesterday and I reserved the juices (too much wine in it so couldn’t give it to the dogs) so I could throw some spaghetti, prawns, chilli and tomatoes in it for a delicious “chowder” – thank you for the inspiration….now where can I get some sunshine to go with it?!

    • 🙂 you can see people from Northern Europe walking around Rome with light Tshirts and sandals…quite a different mise than what you have just described…::) December is just around the corner…instead of thinking about winter, I think about…Spring!! Isn’t it ironic?? Seeing the shops getting decorated for Christmas is also quite strange with this temperatures….

      thank you for considering my recipes..::)

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