Sunday morning…

Sunday morning...


28 thoughts on “Sunday morning…

  1. Funny… I was also being kissed in my sleep tonight. And I woke up a few hours later than usual…

    The images – you do it over and over again. Love your style, how you see things, and how you present them.

    • Dreaming presumably has a different set of valences my dear…who knows what that being “kissed” meant…:))…

      Thank you for appreaciating my snaps..I am so sorry the pics do not let you taste that cake…it was absolutely fabulous…!
      Wish you a nice Sunday evening…

    • hey WITCH!!!!! Just got back…and felt like needing a piece of cake….reason why I took a small piece and a cup of coffee….I’m shocked! rented for a few days a Smart(as my car needs assistance)…Good bless….it seems like driving a bicycle…not a car!…so, the cake was a bit like a remedy….Will it be enough??

    • Now someone will accuse us for being too…feminine…or hopeless romantic::) Sigh…

      However, this little choco cake came out perfectly…Did not expect that result, sincerly…:) need to see HOW you prepare it, in order to improove my “next time” cake…::)

  2. wow..that IS a dreamy cake… there is a time and place for tidy cake isn’t there… I see your ‘chocolate dream cake’ is just the way dreams should be – allowed to go wherever it likes? 🙂 orange…the new black?.. now THAT may be dangerously too feminine. Have a great day.

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