Almost home….Almost happy…

Almost home....Almost happy...

23 thoughts on “Almost home….Almost happy…

    • Ogni gatto Γ¨ un essere singolare – un centro pulsante dell’universo – con il colore singolare degli occhi, la lunghezza e la densitΓ  di pelliccia, il palato e le preferenze, le abitudini e le disposizioni. Ognuno con le proprie idiosincrasie….GiΓ , come noi…Nutro ogni giorno 8 gattoni e 3 dolcissimi nani…divertente…:) Non sopporto sapere che hanno fame fuori dalla mia porta….

      Buona domenica anche a te…e grazie per la visita…Mi fa sempre molto piacere averti qui…intorno.

    • …Hello Hanne…I’m preparing to go out for a walk…even if the weather doesn’t help a lot…The Cats (they are 2 different cats in this post)…are one of the 8 adult cats I have around the house…They decided to stay with me as I feed them every day…(at the beginning they were only two:)..Wild little tigers…jumping around me when I get back home…exactly like the dogs…
      Thank you for the wishes and the visit…Enjoy your Sunday, too…
      Hugs, Luana

  1. Wonderful color around that doorway. I love the window above the door. And the cat is the epitome of weekend. Have a fantastic weekend in the cool air of fall. πŸ™‚

  2. What a great wooden door you have!

    Very romantic: the idea that we never ever reach our aim – but we can come quite near. Reaching would be dying.
    Greetings from the sunny coast of North Norfolk

    • Perhaps overly romantic, my dear…The concept is intensely connected with my every day life…Reaching the perfection would not be dying, but then…what else should we ask for??? Tell me, Klausbernd…??

  3. Two different cats?! I am trying very hard to spot the other one (apart from the grey one with beautiful eyes) …This is a double exercise for the mind, trying to discover the hidden meaning behind the poetry as always but this time also trying to spot the hidden cat!

    And…could we possibly see perfection in what we already have?! To think that we are already home? Now that would be something…then we will be happy…but oh it’s so difficult!!!

    • Sigh….
      look near the door..he’s having a sort of nest..the Tiger Nest…the plants make him feel protected…:) The one on the ground is a different cat…a bit younger and more playful…

      then, you know how it goes: Chi si accontenta, gode..who feel pleased about what the reality offers, takes great satisfaction from it…A contented mind is a perpetual feast….
      Not my case, unfortunatelly…

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