There are some feelings you will never find words for…

 There are some feelings you will never find words for...

you will learn
to name them
after the ones
who gave them
to you.

How could I find a name for a quiet Sunday afternoon….


How to make saffron aïoli?? I just love it…even if I don’t use the mayonaisse:
smash a clove of garlic, a tiny squeeze of lemon juice, and the saffron (It’s not cheap, but you won’t need much at all to spice up a dish::) with a small pinch of salt in a pestle and mortar until it turns into a mush. Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and pound again. Stir in the rest of the mayo. Taste and season with a little more lemon juice, salt and pepper…

must confess: I was using some greek yogurt and no mayo…

37 thoughts on “There are some feelings you will never find words for…

      • Oh, it’s a holiday here, and I forgot it’s Monday. I’m in a Sunday afternoon frame of mind. My daughter got sick or we would have gone to the aquarium. I’ll owe the boys a trip there now. 🙂

      • Anna has not eaten, spent the morning threatening to throw up, and has been asleep ever since, poor thing. She was up in the night crying because her tummy hurt, too. No wonder I’m a bit blurry today.

      • Not me, but my cousin married a man whose family had moved from Italy to Canada, and we have all embraced him and his beautiful family. I even grow tomatoes and make my own sauce, partly because his mother Teresa taught my cousin, who taught me. His name is Claudio and he is a prince. My lucky cousin has even visited Italy more than once and speaks Italian. She is good with languages, unlike me. I only speak English. But I can say: Bellissima!! 🙂

      • so nice to hear you “talking” like this!! expat italians are persons who really work hard for building their future…and growing tomatoes for making the sauce is pure poetry….wish I could find old seeds, so I can plant my garden too…
        Merried with an italian is bringing a brand new prospective….and it’s a whole different story…

      • So much poetry and beauty all over the world. 🙂 I made some sauce tonight with sausages, fresh tomatoes from my garden, pressed garlic and olive oil. I only have two tomatoes left. It’s bittersweet. 🙂

      • Reading about your dinner in the morning is so….nice! the smell of my coffee combined with your tomatoe sauce and sausages is simply…divine::)

        Wish you a very nice day!

      • Oh yes, my son looks a bit like the less Italian version of your Little Prince 😉 Also blonde and tall. He will be 7 next year. I am the quintessential ‘boy-baby’ mother – at least that’s what my friends like to tell me…I’m still not sure how to take that, but little boys are special creatures 😉 smiling. He is all the boy I need and while he is active, is also a gentle little soul so I really appreciate the gentleness in those beautiful little hands… The only word my one can say in Italian is ‘Pizza’ please 😉

      • Sigh…here people say he looks so…Nordic! not at all italian…(in spite of the fact The Mother, ME:) looks purely italian…:) Mine is already 7 years old from June this year…and he tries to speak english…So funny hearing him! I’m gonna tell you one funny thing now: while we were driving back home, he saw an advertising manifest in the city made for a special sale of furnitures…well, they were writing over a sofa pic the huge “SALE” announcement…in english! In italian “sale” means exactly “salt”…so he asked: Mom, are they selling furnitures filled with salt??? we were laughing for a loooong time…Mama’s boy was so sweet…)
        But you see…the italian-english issues are not always understood….especially by someone who is 7 years old….

      • Oh that is funny and so sweet! 🙂 They sure come up with some interesting concepts (language barriers aside) thank you for making my afternoon with the salt furniture story…AND I learnt one more Italian word I didn’t know – you see, he taught me something from across the miles – all at age 7. Oh and the word by which I call my son (when I’m not lazy – sorry, couldn’t resist) is Michael. His birthday is June 16, so another little Gemini. Have a lovely evening!

  1. Dear Luana,
    I suppose there are words to express everything and every feeling – but we have to try to find exact the right words and most of the people are to lazy to do this. It`s a great awareness-exercise to express exactly what you want to all the time.
    Have a happy afternoon

    • OH::) so I am supposed to be lazy::::) Laughing now….At least I am not always lazy! as I oftenly bring te camera with me…Plus, I have the handicap of the language…my english vocabulary is not…extremely extended……:) the dearest Siri & Selma said, I’m not here to please anyone…I just give and show what I choose to…However, is philosophy any consolation? Please elucidate me…

      and…in my every day life I have to try finding solutions for so many things….while blogging I erase this word “I have to” from my vocabulary, my dear….

      Now I’m just asking myself what did you get for lunch as mine was simply…mmm…divine….

      • I don`t eat lunch usually. Well, sometimes some dried fruit and nuts with Greek yoghurt. I love my breakfast and I usually eat at night but nothing in between.
        What I had for lunch? 5 dried plums, a hand full of dried cranberries and some walnuts and I drank two glasses of my self made apple-carrot-juice.
        Enjoy the evening

  2. Hello my beautiful, I do love reading all the comments from so many lovely people, I feel like I know them all…and it’s incredible to think they are from different corners of the world…all united by the same language 🙂 and by the love of your photos!!! I will not mention my own luch today as I bought a sandwich from a shop and it was simply… disgusting 😦 but I have a whole chicken roasting in the oven as we speak…and guess what?! I found a few strands of saffron in the cupboard, some mayonnaise in the fridge and one lonely clove of garlic…looks like saffron aioli will accompany my chicken tonight 😉 Now I should be so lucky to find some white wine as well…

    • White wine?? Why not some decent red?? a soft, medium-bodied red – nothing too complexe or tannic…or a strong, dry rosé…Would be just perfect. The tricky saffron is able to destroy the white wine….::)

      and…hmmm…. I always make the mayo by myself…just fresh eggs and olive oil…it takes only a few minutes…Now you’ll say I ask too much…right??

      KISS! let me know how it goes…

      • You know me sooo well…you would ask too much of me…make my own mayo?! Life is too short to make your own mayo! but I did make the aioli and the saffron gave it another dimension, a different level, it was delicious and different and it went very well with the roast chicken breast – and just by accident I had a dry rose! (we run out of white wine oh dear) Thank you again for the inspiration 🙂 Hugs and huge LUV

      • Hello my sweet:) I’ve had a very long messy day…sorry I am answering so late…
        The funny thing is that I now must stop preparing this sauce…the calories will overcome me at a certain point… is sooo delicious…!! I’ve prepared it even yesterday for dinner…with MY mayo..and served it with grilled Tuna…super!

        I will be here working..till later!

    • we were laughing like crazy….it was really funny. Soon after that he remembered what “sale” means…and so he started laughing again…But while he was asking if they sale furnitures filled with salt will be a memorable moment…

  3. I remember Ben when he was little and we went to McDonalds and had chips…he took a chip, looked thoughtfully at it, took a bite and asked: are chips filled with potatoes? Not as funny but quite cute…and yes we did laugh out loud!

    • Dear Bridget!!! nice to see you:) The recipe was “tasting” delicious can try it….:) I’m curious to know what you think and how would you “match” it…you’re so creative and always correct with your pairings..
      warmly wishing you a wonderful evening, Luana & Jr (he knows I publish his pics::)

  4. Oh my dear you are working late again 😦 yes I know the battle with the pesky calories…but if we do your version with the Greek yoghurt instead of mayo it should be better! I wonder if anybody else has any other pairings ideas…

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