I love cooking with wine… Sometimes I even put it in the food…

I love cooking with wine…  Sometimes I even put it in the food...

15 thoughts on “I love cooking with wine… Sometimes I even put it in the food…

  1. I keep that same quote next to the spice rack in the kitchen! LOL! Your blog is so rich with pictures that appeal to the visceral senses e…makes menu hungry, thirsty and feeling romantic all at the same time! Blessings on your efforts.

    • Good morning and thank you for dropping by….The quote came into my mind as that “Mousse with smoked salmon” was containing also…wine and some drop of Dry Martini! – blended with the spices, the fresh cheese and of course, the salmon….

      Wish you a very nice week ahead,

    • Morning my dear…Thank you for thinking about me, but your attention is already an AWARD for me…!!

      Nice video & poem there! we have a simillar Acquarium in Genova…visiting is always a great experience!

      Have a nice week ahead!

    • Morning Sheri! Nice to “see” you around!
      Must tell you one thing: at the age 7 I thought I was in love with Nureyev..I was not interested in seeing cartoons…but in seeing HIM…He was my first “resource”, my first sensory imput…He was everywhere…like the shimmer of the heat in the air…

      Certain feelings are still here, more than 30 years later…

    • Morning!! If you would see the !water! we had the whole week around here, you would not like it anymore!::(
      It was terrible!…But now the Sun turned back again…Evviva!

      Happy week back to you!

    • …this is a delicate and complex territory…! I love mixing styles! my desk chair has….200 years, while the desk itself is something very modern….The Louis XVl chairs I’ve got the chance to find I just thought they would be more interesting dressed with silk coming from the Emirates…(Sigh! whoever hears me talking like this might think I’m not..Ok! But the result is something I do like..I’m fascinated by the way the ancient cultures can be mixed with our actual lifestyle and the new design shapes…

      Oh…and you know…the first money I was able to earn by myself were coming after selling an incredible vintage (antique)series of books I was able to find and sell…for case! I was 17 years old at the time…

      The interior of a house is something different than an interior monologue for example…it is a large-scale exercise…I can only practice for my own house at the moment….!:)

      You are an incredible, attentive OBSERVER…
      Thank you.

  2. Morning, Hanne, wish I could know what is sounding so “intriguing”…we are not just hedonic robots…we are much more than this. And the aesthetic issues make part of each one of us….(I guess…)…Don’t you tink so??

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