Glorious life

Glorious life

If we did not go through tests and trials of pain and suffering, we would not fully see our need for God…That is what Vincenzo oftenly tells me….

This man, spent 5 years of his life in war, and one year in the Nazi concentration camp during the second War…This man makes me cry whenever I see him…he calls me “The Treasure”…as I love spending time listening his stories…(Here she is, my Tresure he says…). The truth is quite different: every minute spent wth him is a treasure for me…
Because his stories capture a slice of the soul, if you’re able to listen his words…
He’s the proud father of Giorgio, the owner of the Grocery shop where I bought the meat…

He’s a hero, 92 years old…


Flashes of very simple pleasures…

what we need:

300 g piece beef tenderloin (2 Β°C Temperature)
Spinach (possibly organic) (during the summer I use basil leaves)
Drizzle: Extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, strong blend (I use the olive oil produced on the property)
2 gr Salt (pink salt, freshly ground)
Freshly ground black pepper
1 fresh orange juice
1 fresh lemon juice
60 g Parmigiano-Reggiano


21 thoughts on “Glorious life

  1. Great, dear Luana, the first part about the hero.
    But may I ask you a question, please? The second part is a break – that are pictures from another world and not only what they are showing but in their aethetics too. Maybe I am too critical but the second part steals the power from the first one. If you see it from the transported ideology the first part shows us a whole person, the second part is more like an ad of a restaurant transporting alienation. Did you want that contradiction or break? Well, it worked in the way that it immediately captured my attention.
    Have a great week, have fun (better than suffering and tears)

    • Contrast, is an achievement…Contrast is the substance I am made of…I can deal with it very easily…

      My mind works breaking different concepts…but at the end, I never leave the “road”…
      The old man, Vincenzo…Well, walking with him and talking with him is always such a pleasure….HE, the FARMER, was the owner of that Grocery shop…(now it belongs to his son, Giorgio)…

      The second part is connected with the first part if you think about “pleasure” and …vital forces! Cooking is a vital force…and thank you for thinking about a “restaurant”…That is something I have prepared for lunch yesterday….And I’m certainly not a Chef…::)

      Thank you for the attention!!

  2. Textures & “a Shining Mediterranean-style” ties it all together for me… I see this as complimentary… in both the Dear wise soul Vincenzo’s face and your glistening lunch dish… mmmm. But then I am one who smiles at beautiful food & most often sees how things compliment each other before I see contradiction πŸ˜‰ There is so much to learn from an old beautiful soul and you have captured these uncomplicated magical flashes of charm and sincerity so beautifully. You are indeed a treasure!

    • Good evening my dear…His face is a fairly coherent, if incomplete, picture of how our planet came into being…it’s much more than “someone who survived the Nazism”…much more than someone who could get out from a Nazi lager…
      I always loved spending time with the old people….They have the gentleness the contemporary society seemed to forget and not consider anymore….

      You should have seen his expression when he saw me enter the door…LIGHT!! He cam up, shaking my hands…I just said. “Let’s go for a walk”….He loves telling me about his wife (she died 2 years ago)..His rememberances are very vivid…and beautiful!!

      The food…is only a little part of what I am…
      There are so many aspects we all should consider….

  3. Yes, Dear Luana… I really can appreciate that. These dear old people know so much about living through really tough times, but also seeing the beauty in honour, times of courage, love and sacrifice. I grew up with some Greek heritage so being grabbed by the cheeks by the giagiΓ‘’s and called “my koukla, my koukla” is so deeply ingrained in the memory of my cheeks, it makes me smile from within just thinking about it – it is something I miss now as an adult. My son asks me to “do what those grannies used do to you” and I have to put on the (very bad:) accent and ‘talk funny’, he giggles every time. It’s the genuine excitement in the tone of voice and non-verbal expression of when we see someone we love that seems to be so reserved today. I wish to be one of those grannies full of excitement… hopefully full of stories of fun, food, love and adventure – and a true love that makes it all so real – to make those old eyes sparkle πŸ˜‰ That for now, is just so lovely to consider.

  4. We are all just hanging on … Life’s mysteries … The proud face of the son.. The smile of the old man who must shake his head at how stupid we must seem in this ” new generation” … All burdens can be lifted by faith…

    • Whether we like it or not adversity is part of life…for the old and also for the new generations. What makes the difference is our approach…

      Wish you a nice day ahead and thank you for visiting.

  5. Thanks for introducing this old man. He has very friendly eyes. The food looks really delicious. I would like to have some of that. Have a beautiful start to the week! πŸ˜‰

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