I wanna be yours (said the cake)

I wanna be yours (said the cake)


17 thoughts on “I wanna be yours (said the cake)

  1. Aaaaah, I wouldn’t mind at all having this cake on my plate right here in front me, next to my nose, lips. aaaaah.
    Thanks for the great recipe, Luana, I have saved it! 🙂
    Big hug from the Rhine Valley where I’m working all kinds of crazy hours again .. = little time for blogging.
    Have a wonderful new week!
    Dina xx

    • HELLOOOOO::) Hanne!
      The cake is making part from the Sunday lunch….(late lunch)…hope the recipe is clear enough (I modify things, depending of what I want to obtain…with the age:) I stopped loving certain things…but I still LOVE strong flavors (like the Lemon zest)…

      What I really enjoy at the moment is the song: I just wanna be yours…and guess what? Headphones on and I’m building boxes for homeopatics…my ordinary life:::))
      So, let’s work, my dear…

      Thank you for visiting!
      Hugs, Luana

    • Thank you, Sheri!! I just got back..on Tuesday I go shopping : fresh fish…and other good stuff…I love cooking! It’s an incredible creative process, if you’re able to see it that way!! sometimes I get frustrated as I don’t have the necessary time for doing it….But on Sundays, some cake might come out….

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