Breath that grows quicker….

Breath that grows quicker....


16 thoughts on “Breath that grows quicker….

  1. ecco ancora che mi scorrono davanto agli occhi questi bei colori aranciati
    la foto dell’albereta รจ magica!!!!

    Nella mattina verde,
    volevo essere cuore.
    E nella sera matura
    volevo essere usignolo.
    (Cuore, diventa color arancio.
    diventa color d’amore.)
    Nella mattina viva,
    volevo essere io.
    E nella sera tramontata
    volevo essere la mia voce.
    Cuore, diventa color d’arancio!
    diventa color d’amore!

  2. Your photo of the woods is so inviting, like a fairy tale forest or a painting of a magical moment. Such a beautiful poem. Another great post! Have a great week, Brenda

    • …I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life….

      Someone said that and I recognise myself in this, my dear Brenda…and NOW, more than ever, I can say my life is a Magical moment….

      Thank you very much for visiting…and wish you a very nice week ahead, too…

  3. Outstanding. This is great, Luana.
    You have a very talented gift for expressing so much with your photos. And very few words, poignant, skin-deep.
    Love and hugs from the North
    Dina x

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