IL CIELO IN UNA STANZA ( I miss you so )

IL CIELO IN UNA STANZA ( I miss you so)

11 thoughts on “IL CIELO IN UNA STANZA ( I miss you so )

  1. Aaaah, this warms me soooo much on a Monday in December, Luana! Thanks a lot for introducing Gino Paoli, he is new to me! Your divine photography makes me speechless!!

    I hope you are well, my dear. Take care.
    Warm greetings and a BIG hug to you from the cold North
    Dina x

    • And I hope I can live with the conditions I am creating, my dear Dina… Gino Paoli is a sound very pleasant to listen sometimes. The conjectures reminded me his song today…and I really appreciated it.

      Thank you for your kind words
      Warmly, Luana

    • It’s midnight my dear but I also want to thank you for thinking about me….I was doing a lot of things, and I feel like I could do some more…
      What did you prepare today?? how’s your kitchen smelling like?? apples? chocolate….hmmmm…better not think about!
      Good night!

    • Good evening (double smiling)…thank you for being here…but I must say I don’t feel as the “great artist”….Maurizio Cattelan is a great artist for example…Not me. Not yet. (smiling again)…The soul will be always there…no matter if I could be defined as artist or not…
      Thank you very much for visiting!

  2. l’espressione del tuo anelo biondo è troppo bella! non sono riuscita a guardare altro, gli dedico queste mie piccole rime che scrissi guardando due bambini giocare in un giardino, ho provato la stessa grande commozione di allora


    sul velluto del prato
    Lieve, lieve
    un angelo si è posato
    è andato a giocare
    con due bimbi racchjusi
    in un raggio di sole.


    • Lo sai, Ven….la bimba che vedi voleva starmi sempre vicino. Era Domenica. Non voleva staccarsi. Così fragile, così bella. Come la vita…
      Racconti di Natale oppure semplicemente vita. Scrivimi se vuoi, quando vuoi.

      Buona serata e grazie.

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