What is it?

What is it?


9 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Hello, dear Brenda….I’m glad you enjoyed my Sunday lunch…I’m working as always, packing my things, moving from here…The new house (so excited as Saturday I saw it ready!) and the new life are waiting for me, thank you very much for asking…
    Wish you a wonderful start of the week,

    PS I miss your poetry!

  2. Dear Luana,
    exquisite as always, what a great post. I was long gone, now I’m back in the Rhine Valley again, halfsunny greetings to you from a sleepy sky. Big news, you’re moving out and in – how exciting! All the best, good nerves and lots of cheerful smiles from us to accompany you! 🙂
    Love, Dina xxoo

    • Thank you…I always had good nerves, you know…(smiling)…and the fact I am leaving here makes me soooooo happy, my dear! Such a joy! Thank you all for being near…and I thank life for giving me the opportunity to finally feel what I feel!

    • Happy Saturday evening my dear…I enjoy so much the silence of my new house (but unfortunatelly I have no words to describe it!)…I guess you must be quite busy as you did not post new recipes…New photographic sessions?? so curious about….::) need to check your husband blog as well…

      • Good morning my dear Luana, I’m glad to know you are happy in your new home! Indeed we have been quite busy in the past few weeks and we didn’t spend a lot of time with baking – blogging or photographing. But we will be back soon 🙂 Happy Sunday, big hug, Bridget

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