Say these words. Say them.

Say these words. Say them.

6 thoughts on “Say these words. Say them.

  1. The opening series of photos are great; the sense of movement and a bit of chaos…and then a shot of tranquility. There is no us, there is just us… It fits together well, so well done.

    • I am a chaos myself sometimes…I am the movement itself….”There is a life and there is a death, and
      there are beauty and melancholy between. “…and there’s LOVE….He holds me in the cradle of his palm…I am alive!…and that’s my poem…My only poem.

      Thank you for the attention, Dalo…and thank you for appreciating. I know you understand.

  2. The places are quite atmospheric, my dear….even the simple exit from the higway, or the foam in my bathtub can be “atmospheric” if you look at in a certain way….While the excerpt describes my own feelings so well….
    Thank you for visiting and wish you a wonderful, wonderful afternoon…

  3. Beautiful and inspiring as always! saying these words with no words: “run my bath, I’m turning, I’m on my way home, to you, to me…let it spill over and run down the passage, it’s getting dark; I’m drenched in you – I’m almost home”

    • Smiling…I use to prepare my “bath” by myself (love doing that!)….Carsoli is the place making part from the ordinary life (my main client has the offices there!)…and I wish I could “pass over” certain things.
      Enjoy your afternoon!
      Warmly, Luana

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