Such a perfect pair…

Such a perfect pair...


18 thoughts on “Such a perfect pair…

  1. The first and last photos…beautiful, this is a very delicious series of shots. Mostly, it works is so well where the body basically reinvents itself every 6 months, I like that…opportunities a couple times a year to create the better person. Cheers.

    • Once that you found the “best version of yourself” only the cells of your body will continue to change…And the opportunity to find love is given only once or maybe twice in a lifetime, don’t you think?

      • Yes, this is a good point… Once you have the ‘ best version’ of yourself, your cells then just do upkeep and maintenance. With that thought, love is given only a few times, and the opportunity to receive/give such love is rare as well. But once it is had/felt/experienced, it is there forever.

      • Love unlocks and formulates meaning; it forms bridges between HERE and THERE….Love is everythig.

        Hold the capacity of feeling to be the most important and elemental, as providing the foundation for every sound and real growth; everything that is truly great and human.
        — Friedrich Nietzsche

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