You’re not special; you’re extraordinary.

You're not special; you're extraordinary.


12 thoughts on “You’re not special; you’re extraordinary.

  1. Wow, that was powerful. “They illuminate. They make everything more.” that is as perfect a description of love as I have ever read. Gorgeous photos too…I’ll enjoy your art of cooking from afar! Cheers.

    • I apologise, Dalo – as I notice your comment only today. Simple things are oftenly powerful..if there’s love.
      Even a simple song is powerful…like the one I’m listening now: Matt Corby – Resolution
      Your comments are always much appreciated.

      • Agree, there is a lot of power in simple things and they are usually wrapped in some sort of love. Matt Corby’s music is very nice (always like a new discovery of an artist). 🙂

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