There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

“Peace” (1749) (detail) by Jacques Dumont (1704-1781).
Detail : Time Orders Old Age to Destroy Beauty. 1746. Pompeo Batoni. Italian 1708-1787. oil/canvas.

17 thoughts on “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

  1. “But why not be the moon, to brighten in the darkest hour?” What an incredible quote…and something that is perhaps the most important thing to be in dark hours… I also truly like the last photo that goes with the quote… Wonderful post Luana.

    • Just moments that could never happen if you don’t dare to love someone, to go beyond the limits…But you know that already….as well as you know about my darkest hours.
      Thank you for appreciating.

      • Yes, isn’t it the stepping into the unknown and testing the limits where life become interesting (even if a bit confusing)? One of the beautiful mysteries that keep us moving forward. Cheers!

  2. you describe your reality in the highest resolution even when it’s a nightmare and in doing so, you live your own life, not a cliche others have formulated for you…

      • Thanks for asking Luana, I feel tiny bit stressed a bit worn out, phew the hot and humid weather is not making it any better for a nordic soul – and then I feel a lot better, vacation as from next week! 😀
        Big hug. Dina

    • I really enjoy your comment my dear; it is incedible the connexion we always had!
      The pictures were taken in Montalcino…yes, Tuscany…and I hope that it will become my house soon…(working on it::))…of course, then you will have a reason more to book that flyight! It also has a very nice garden…and a pool…Heaven!

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