If you imagine others are there, you are there yourself.


10 thoughts on “If you imagine others are there, you are there yourself.

    • The more southern part of Tuscany, Montalcino area… where I do feel at home. Quintessential beauty – cypress trees on top of rolling hills, single villas in the middle of an open fields, peace… the people smiling… Centuries away from the chaos of Rome, so close to my soul.
      I know you will come one day!

      ps I have a dear friend, a blogger, here with me at the moment:). She is downlaoding the pictures taken yesterday at Castello Romitorio in Montalcino πŸ™‚

  1. Mmmm, this is living…this is life!
    Great people and stories, doing what we are meant to do in life…enjoy, relax and give to one another. Far away from the chaos that robs us all of simple peace and happiness πŸ™‚

    All of these shots are my favorite, but I like the opening shot, along with the old-man and finishing with the final horseback ride in the evening as the perfect silent description of this post.

    • Silent description?? You are so right!!! I know you would like to meet that old man.. and talk with him about wars, Plato and life. His eloquence is stunning. I met him after having lunch In Rocca D’Orcia. It was incredible. Simple peace and happiness, indeed.

      He cried talking about Auschwitz for example. He cried!!!! I was holding his hand for a few seconds. Wonderful, wonderful creature: Twice the Major of Rocca d’Orcia and more than 90 years old. We should all learn from people like this.

      The horseback?? I was just going to buy the cheese, near Pienza. I stopped the car, and that was what I saw.
      You would love these places.

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