I miss my man

Even when we sleep we watch over each other
And this love heavier than a lake’s ripe fruit
Without laughter or tears lasts forever
One day after another one night after us.

Paul Éluard, “Even When We Sleep

3 thoughts on “I miss my man

    • Oh yes, he does… but this hurts even more!!!!

      However, this song makes me dance … and dance!!!! The mind doesn’t know what the body can no longer do. (sigh) That is the nature of life! But sometimes it is the opposite…

      However, I told him last night: as long as I can still move like I do, I am still alive… and young. Sweet sweat!!!! Can’t wait to dance with him.

      for not saying this song is obsessing me since days… I almost forgot my Liszt… hmm… Not a good sign!

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