Alessandro Gualtieri: Exquisite sensitivity.


Alessandro Gualtieri is an Italian perfumer who calls himself ‘The Nose’. He lives with his Dutch wife and children in Amsterdam.

As an independent spirit in the big perfume industry, he only follows his own nose. He designed perfumes for major companies, but after being rejected more and more for his radical concepts, he decided to launch his own perfume line in 2007: Nasomatto (Italian for ‘crazy nose’). Now his brand represents nine perfumes with intriguing names like Black Afgano, Pardon and Narcotic Venus, that are sold worldwide in high end perfume stores.


6 thoughts on “Alessandro Gualtieri: Exquisite sensitivity.

  1. Alessandro, so very eloquent and yet oddly evasive, and his passage of storms called Black Afgano are both Exquisite:)

    He says:

    β€œI begin to make something but at a certain point, it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling of losing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive and will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slaves to my meaning.”


  2. This is a look into an incredible world…the last line “the aroma of their peculiar dreams for the delectation of an amazed and spellbound being…” sounds just like you πŸ™‚

    Great photos, enjoyed the opening one the most ~ focused on the right thing and leaving mystery. Well done once again!

    • You, my dear Randy know what sounds like me (or my thinking) and what does not. By the way, did you ever see the movie “Proust – Le temps retrouvΓ©”? It follows the script quite closely. A film that needs to be understood.
      Hypocrisy, backbiting, LUST, snoberry, chauvinism, vital elements. If only you can keep the time scheme straight, you will be able to understand things. Proustian passages. Very stimulating.

      Anyway, with or without Proust, we all have memories. Scents make part of them, most of the times. Alessandro (Gualtieri) knows it. His fragrances do not necessarely bring us where we want to go. They picture feelings: that is why I choose them.

      Thank you for appreciating (once again).

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