Your name untied



“You know that I will always support you unconditionally and unreservedly as you have a special place in my life as a friend who brought me back from the brink (one day we will go there and I will explain). There can be nothing better in your life, especially at this stage, to embark on an adventure which will challenge all the dimensions of your mind, body and soul the way Steven does – for what I’s worth, I think that you need his strength to stretch you to the limits of yours, and to discover the beauty in your own dark depths. Of one thing I am sure, and that is that there is beauty there, and that you will find it by His light, and that Your joy at finding it, will be your healing and bind You to Him irrevocably. And somehow, even though I don’t really know him, I suspect that your purpose in his life is similar, if not completely the same…?”


7 thoughts on “Your name untied

  1. Your post throbs across that page insistently… red and blue and red, words and images bleeding into each other… and there at the source of it is that signature Ring, the parted red Lips…You, your Canon, saying: This is My Heartbeat…My Creative Spark that feeds the Fire…

    Komunyakaa is such a powerful word magician and musician, interesting that you should choose him too, or was he recommended?! The loaded symbolism of his words perfectly matches your mood and images… seven roads…seven tomatoes…SEVEN the divine number, just by its definition the oath of complete creation…. the words roar not only of Life, but specifically and poetically speaking also of intimate Sensuality…

    The only thing missing is the soundtrack, although I bet you were listening to it, even if you haven’t posted it…?

    To complete the comment on your post more eloquently than I could ever hope to here is his Blue Light Lounge Sutra, also my take on what the absent soundtrack may have been… 🙂

    the need gotta be
    so deep words can’t
    answer simple questions
    all night long notes
    stumble off the tongue
    & color the air indigo
    so deep fragments of gut
    & flesh cling to the song
    you gotta get into it
    so deep salt crystalizes on eyelashes
    the need gotta be
    so deep you can vomit up ghosts
    & not feel broken
    till you are no more
    than a half ounce of gold
    in painful brightness
    you gotta get into it
    blow that saxophone
    so deep all the sex & dope in this world
    can’t erase your need
    to howl against the sky
    the need gotta be
    so deep you can’t
    just wiggle your hips
    & rise up out of it
    chaos in the cosmos
    modern man in the pepperpot
    you gotta get hooked
    into every hungry groove
    so deep the bomb locked
    in rust opens like a fist
    into it into it so deep
    rhythm is pre-memory
    the need gotta be basic
    animal need to see
    & know the terror
    we are made of honey
    cause if you wanna dance
    this boogie be ready
    to let the devil use your head
    for a drum

    • Maybe too much self in this post. I have struggled since the very beginning of my life. Getting back my roots was also a struggle.

      Certain things unveil themselves…. yes, they do roar as you say. I choosed Komunyakaa myself. No suggestions…. not yet.

      There was a story that says my story. There was a time when I was only waiting – Yes, exactly how you always told me, my dear friend. Kiss!!! and best wishes for you and your love for a long, happy life together!

  2. Edges, my dear Randy. Edges. Eros the Bittersweet.
    A new world.

    In any act of thinking, the mind must reach across this space between known and unknown, linking one to the other but also keeping visible to difference. It is an erotic space.
    ― Anne Carson, Eros the Bittersweet

    The exquisite writing was the mail I received a few days ago from my friend… that sweet soul that overwhelmes me with her kindness and attention.

    Thank you, as always and wish you just the same.

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