Only those who ask for more can get more and only those who know there is more, ask.


We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.

– Maya Angelou

13 thoughts on “Only those who ask for more can get more and only those who know there is more, ask.

    • I choosed her because I remembered what she said… “To look good, forgive everybody. It’s the best beauty secret”… I just discovered I did forgive certain things, and if not more beautiful – I feel certainly better….

      • To forgive is to look ahead and still be able to hope good things can happen…. To forgive is to forget the torment of lying, sleepless, beside the body one uniquely desires, and not being able to break through, to command desire in return… to forgive is to forget words certain “friends” had the courage to tell you… to forgive is to forget the reasons why a mother did not tell you a word about your true origins (spiritually talking)….

        Quite a lot… Quite a lot, my dear Brenda…

      • Yes, quite a lot. And to forgive yourself, knowing that whatever happens, you are doing your best, loving your best and are a wonderful human with a deep soul. Patience with ourselves and others. If only we had enough patience. 🙂

      • Oh dear Brenda… I may try writing a book as answer. May I confess? there is an extreme secrecy, in spite of the obvious words… (not all of them have to do with my own past).
        I would ask you things about religion as I notice things very sensitively and I’m sick of putting myself in boring situations and conversations; talking with you is different and always quite interesting:)… even if people certainly talk to much about it lately; religion today occupies a place similar to that of nationalism in the last century –

        Come over for dinner and we can start talking.. will you??
        Lasagna for my Garfield tonight:)

      • Dinner would be lovely, and lasagne is yummy any day. Religion is a tricky one, so many people want nothing further to do with you if you are not in their church. I think the only way to world peace is for us to be able to talk about our similarities and differences, even about religion, with no anger and hatred. But in reality, I have never managed to have such an enlightened conversation with anyone. Always people pass judgment on others. Religion has always been divisive in our species, and we have been having religious wars since history was recorded. The bitterness goes way back, and lays deep in every family. So much pain, betrayal and fear. Especially here, where so many of us are descended from refugees and the persecuted over the centuries.

      • Please check Le Royaume… The Kingdom / Emmanuel Carrère…. here is the presentation:

        “The Kingdom” tells the story of the beginnings of Christianity, at the end of the first century after Jesus Christ. It tells how two men, essentially, Paul and Luke, transformed a small Jewish sect closely centered around its preacher, who was crucified during the reign of Tiberius and whom they believed to be the messiah, into a religion that in three centuries drained the Roman Empire and then conquered the world and that two thousand years later still concerns one quarter of humanity. This story, related by Emmanuel Carrère, is a sweeping historical epic recreating the Mediterranean world at that time, a world agitated by intense political and religious movements taking hold beneath the deceptive pax romana. It is a tumultuous evocation, full of sudden developments, episodes and dramatic characters. But “The Kingdom” is also, skilfully woven into the historic framework, a meditation on what Christianity is, how it questions and involves us in today’s world, as believers and as non-believers, and how the implausible inversion of values it proposes (the first will be the last, etc.) has had such success and posterity. It is important to know here that this meditation is carried out with respect and a certain form of friendship for the actors of this astonishing story, the actors of the past as well as the actors of the present, which gives the book a profoundly human dimension. The respect and friendship that Emmanuel Carrère says he feels for the person he himself used to be, some time ago. Because, in all his books since “The Adversary”, his commitment is total. For three years, twenty-five years ago, Emmanuel Carrère was a fervent Christian and a practicing Catholic, one could almost say an excessive believer. He also tells his own story behind the History, the torments he went through and how religion was once his haven of peace and his escape. And although he is no longer a believer, the desire he feels to question his belief is still intact. He sets out to investigate the person he once was, unrelentingly, with his famous brutal frankness and total absence of self-censorship. “The Kingdom” is an ample, complete, droll, serious book, both turbulent and interiorized, scholarly and trivial. Emmanuel Carrère’s masterpiece to date.

        I was betrayed somehow by these laws… and not being told about my true spiritual origins till last year, my dear…. I have been persecuted NOT being persecuted and others choosed for me as I wouldn’t have been able to. Surely we will talk a lot about once you’ll sit down in front of me….

      • I thought I was protestant all my life, only to learn my father converted from Catholicism when he was a teenager. My origins are confused, too. But now as an adult, I make my own choices. Sounds like a fascinating book. Warmly, Brenda

    • Hello, my dear Hanne! Jacqueline Bisset is the reason why the GoldenGlobes are the best awards show to watch:) isn’t it?? while certain words are simply gems, as you say.

      Thank you for the visit! Hugs, Luana.

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