People do not Climb mountains Because “They are there.” They climb them Because Life is meaningless.

OC: We’re delighted to feature you on Overhead Compartment and appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions for us. Do you have any noteworthy obsessions?

WT: The inevitability of death. The indifference of the universe to our pain. Penguins. Bears. Insanity. Brutality. Mountains. Klaus Kinski. The sentience of yogurt. And cinema.

OC: What do you find yourself most often daydreaming of?

WT: Nonexistence.

OC: What was your introduction to the internet?

WT: WarGames, starring a young Matthew Broderick. As we all know, human civilization must be digitized so that, with one stroke, it can be deleted.

OC: If you were forced to paint all the surfaces of your home in a single, uniform color, what would it be? Describe your life in this monochromatic world.

WT: White, of course. All colors and the absence of color. The cold of space, the arctic dream. I wander into its vastness, frozen in a lake of ice, beyond the forgiveness of God.

Also, white goes well with modern furniture.

OC: We’re rather sensitive to our surroundings here at Overhead Compartment. Are there particular settings or rituals that you feel to be most conducive to finding concepts for your tweets?

WT: Cinema and all arts are birthed in pain, terror, and madness. Often it is helpful to see what’s on “Arts and Humanities Daily.”

Sometimes, though, I will look in forgotten places. Under the sink, perhaps.

Once, I recovered a bottle of gin. Fly-specked, shrouded in dust. I swam in seas of nostalgia, nauseous, then torpid.



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