Mary, have I dined?

NEOFLOR ADULTI-AST L2B print fWhat is a poet?

Is he not that which wakens melody in the silent chords of the human heart?

A light which arrays in splendor things and thoughts which else were dim in the shadow of their own significance. His soul is like one of the pools in the Ilex woods of the Maremma, it reflects the surrounding universe, but it beautifies, groups, and mellows their tints, making a little world within itself, the copy of the outer one; but more entire, more faultless. But above all, a poet’s soul is Love; the desire of sympathy is the breath that inspires his lay, while he lavishes on the sentiment and its object, his whole treasure-house of resplendent imagery, burning emotion, and ardent enthusiasm. He is the mirror of nature, reflecting her back ten thousand times more lovely; what then must not his power be, when he adds beauty to the most perfect thing in nature—even Love.

Someone claimed Shelley had no time for food, abstaining from meat and alcohol and existing mainly on bread. Poets’ food is love and fame.

“I have dropped a word, a hint,” says Hogg, “about a pudding. ‘A pudding,’ Bysshe said, dogmatically, ‘is a prejudice.’”

During the last years of his life Shelley took no heed of food. Mrs. Shelley used to send him something to eat into the room where he habitually studied, but the plate frequently remained untouched for hours upon a bookshelf, and at the end of the day he might be heard asking, “Mary, have I dined?”

The same Mary, was writing him on 25 October 1814, when he was running to escape imprisonment for debt:

For what a minute did I see you yesterday—is this the way my beloved that we are to live till the sixth in the morning I look for you and when I awake I turn to look on you—dearest Shelley you are solitary and uncomfortable why cannot I be with you to cheer you and to press you to my heart oh my love you have no friends why then should you be torn from the only one who has affection for you …?

Yes, The extent to which Mary Shelley’s mind was connected with her husband’s before his death can also be seen in their letters.


17 thoughts on “Mary, have I dined?

  1. Plato is rumored to have said:

    “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

    ..too bad that there are so many incomplete hearts, lost songs, and so few poets…

    PS You HAVE dined! 😉

    • too many incomplete hearts? you may say “stony hearts”, avid and hunger for other than love (or perhaps pretending love in the name of obligations or various other reasons.)
      But you know this is my happy day… reason why I will not think about certain things now.

      cheers & have a nice hanging around this afternoon

    • I agree, absolutely mouthwatering combination. Food for your brain and all your senses, I’d say. 🙂 Lovely work, Luana!
      Have a lovely new week, both of you. ❤

      • let’s see… me and the Little Prince, or me and Mr Shelley? I would loose myselsf reading poetry right now, but I still suffer the lack of time…
        Thank you once again for the visit my dear and wish you all a wonderful afternoon.

  2. Mary and her romanticism… and romanticism as a wonderful act of rebellion.
    I love the way romanticism influences music nowdays…. And I would love talking with you about Frankenstein.
    Brrr 🙂

  3. I really couldn’t get over the opening shot…as it looked like art, yet also delicious. Couldn’t make up my mind what I’d do if it was in front of me 🙂

    Mary Shelley, a jewel ~ although not quite what to make of her husband…such an intersection of talent. A poet, an author and then a master chef & photographer to finish it all off.

    • You could only taste it and decide if you like it or not :). Wine? what about the wine?? the supremacy of a good Rosé? or some light Syrah (even if I always drink white wine)? Nothing too tannic… but a tannic conversation? 🙂 we could make “in pieces” so many ghosts while laughing perhaps. I know you are smiling. 🙂

      Did you read “Frankenstein”? she was 19 when she first published it…
      PS you can talk, the master chef will surely bring something else on the table 🙂

      • Wine, yes indeed there needs to be wine. A nice Pinot Noir (Nero) would be my choice ~ although I also think nothing beats a good Cab. Sav.

        Read Frankenstein in school, tough to say if I remember any of it as the only thing I can think of is Mel Brook’s movie Young Frankenstein 🙂

      • I call the man who sometimes come fix things around my house “the mad scientist” 🙂 and yes, he may take part in some Young Frankenstein episode:)) The scariest comedy of all time :). Laughing as I figure the poor one on that role :).
        Regarding the wine, you choosed the most… difficult one. A Pinot Noir is not something one can joke about :), definetely very French and less Italian – also very different from a Cabernet Sauvignon… Interesting tastes!

      • I really loved that movie… The Pinot Noir I love because Oregon has some incredible Pinots (and found one in Laos years ago coming in from the jungle that made me smile…). Cab. Sav. will always be my favorite, mainly because it’s my fathers and I’ve learned what a brilliant wine it is saddled with my favorite meals: duck and a porterhouse steak.

      • NOW we are getting serious!!
        The king of red wine grapes & duck dishes… mmmm… I am affraid one may end up drinking more than allowed and.. literally licking the plate (Smiling). Scandalous!

      • Do you imagine?? Imagination is one of the most powerful tools in the world… and it makes me laugh loud thinking how it could be “licking the plate”… never experienced such a thing 🙂

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