I’ vegno ‘l giorno a te ‘nfinite volte / I visit you daily, and endlessly

early-spring-in-Tuscany 1I close my eyes and just sit there,
with the breeze blowing on my face,
and the light inside the air,
all around me.

– Paul Auster

early spring in Tuscany 2

10 thoughts on “I’ vegno ‘l giorno a te ‘nfinite volte / I visit you daily, and endlessly

  1. Your charming little Prince is growing into a very handsome young man, Luana. ❤ Watch out for al the girls! 😉
    This post made my evening, it's exquisite, refreshing and cackling good perfume for all my senses. I'd love to learn some photography from you.
    Big *hug* and lots of love from the very green Rhine Valley,
    Dina x

    • Oh dear, he is more sweet than handsome and for now we laugh together whenever some of the girls are declaring too openly certain things :).
      What is this flattery attack about “learning photography from me”:) It really makes me smile and I thank you for your kindness, but there is so much I could learn from you, don’t you think? 🙂
      Tuscany is always refreshig.. always so beautiful. Will you come this summer?

  2. This series of shots is fantastic, a little bit of special in every one and showing what life (and the springtime) is for…fun, playing and enjoying life. Perfect shots, and agree that your little prince is turning into a charming king now ~ and that is also a great little shot of a black sports car that makes all these diverse photos work so well together. Second to last shot is perfect as well 🙂

    • … a simple walk by the little lake in the backyard, a little smile remembering how someone once upon a time was smiling, not being able to believe I was recognising wild fennel while walking that path. Not an “academic issue” * grin*, but maybe more useful at a certain point.. atleast it makes life more tasty. 🙂 and not at all boring.
      I called the black sports car “little black bug”. I did not ask if she was happy with it, but this is how it goes. Anyway, in two weeks since she is with us, she became really a good friend 🙂 and we love her! It makes LIFE itself work a little bit better!


    • My wild boy and his guns! Ugh! 🙂 we got this one the day before in Rome and he absolutely needed to bring it in Montalcino. Some of them are so noisy, but I bet you know it already:).
      In spring everything is luminous even when raining… the light changes. There is a new perspective.

      Come with us at the football match now.

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