Eggs Benedict

HollandaiseHollandaise 2

Oh, Ramsay… thank you.


6 thoughts on “Eggs Benedict

  1. Looks so inviting ~ and gotta like the sweet thought of the week “…but at intervals a sweetness appears…”
    Wishing you a great Sunday Luana ~ enjoy your eggs benedict and save the last bite for me 🙂

    • “…. I felt it was rather monstrous to be so violently alive;
      to enjoy my life and be satisfied with it, without thinking — and almost feeling — anything any more. ”

      Painfully, violently alive – indeed quite monstruous to notice that from time to time.
      I will prepare the asparagus soufflé for lunch… I bought ricotta and mozzarella at the market early in the morning. Add a glass or more of Sauvignon… and you will know how my Sunday will tastes like.
      I expect to see you at the door.


    • Dear Indah.. I can assure you… they are an attack to my “good behaviour” regarding calories… I can not stop thinking of the hollandaise sauce! Yesterday I prepared it for my grilled calamari…. mmm… Oh… terribly good ( I do not dare to use the “terms” Ramsay uses all the time for describing his dishes) 🙂

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