A moveable Feast / Summer again


8 thoughts on “A moveable Feast / Summer again

    • And how I love the Oysters! I profess my love for oysters a bit like he did.. but never being able to write such a perfect sentences!

      Early in the book, he is in a cafe and feeling a little lonely, jotting down a few notes. In his own words: “I closed up the story in the notebook and put it in my inside pocket and I asked the waiter for a dozen “portugueses” and a half – carafe of the dry white wine they had there.” He had ordered a dozen Crassostrea angulata – the legendary oblong oysters said to have descended spontaneously from the sinking of a single oyster-laden ship from the orient in a harbor in Portugal.

      Sadly, these oysters seem to be rarity today in France. .. and I like them simple – no toping, no cheese… no nothing…
      You really do not need nothing else… but just a great glass of white wine 🙂

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